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It's race time!

When: Saturday, April 26--rain or shine Where: Fitness Farm

2345 West 44th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46208

Who: All events open to kids twelve

and under


Age Length of Race
under 6 years 200 meters
7 to 8 years 400 meters
9 to 10 years 800 meters
10 to 12 years below (boys) Cross-country race
10 to 12 years (girls) Cross-country race

200-meter Predicted Time Race

-- open to all contestants 12 and under --

Field Events

-- open to all contestants 12 and under --


Hot-shot basketball Hot-foot soccer Accu-shot golf Target tennis

Age Group Scholarship Spelling Bee


6 and under 8 and under 10 and under 12 and under

Parents' Races

Moms' Scholarship Race Dads' Scholarship Race

Tremendous Trees Scholarship Event

Mr. Bones Skeleton Scholarship Event

Joint Divot, that crazy, zany golfing clown at this year's Tulip Time Scholarship Games. He will show you all sots of golfing tips and tricks. But if golfing isn't your cup of tee, try one of the other games in the list of events.

Bone Up

You can participate in the Mr. Bones Skeleton Scholarship Event. Along the trail there will be charts showing bones. It will be your job to identify the bone and spell its name. Hikers who do this correctly will be entered in a drawing for scholarships.

The list of bones is below. Study the skeleton here or look up the bones in books. Kids eight and under will do the front nine identification points. Older kids will do the front nine and the back nine.


1. Rib 10. Humerus
2. Skull 11. Clavicle
3. Spine 12. Sternum
4. Pelvis 13. Mandible
5. Femur 14. Vertebra
6. Ulna 15. Scapula
7. Tibia 16. Metacarpals
8. Fibula 17. Coccyx
9. Patella 18. Calcaneus

Tremendous Trees

After Divot teaches you all of the golfing tips you'll need to know, you may want to compete in the Tremendous Trees Scholarship Event. As you walk the tree trail, you'll see flags. At each flag, you will identify the tree and spell its name. Participants who do this correctly will be entered in a drawing for scholarships.

To get ready for the walk, look for books at the library that identify tree leaves, bark, seeds and nuts. There will be eighteen identification points. Kids age eight and under will stop at only the front nine points. Older kids will do both the front and back nine. The list of trees is below.


1. Dogwood 10. Sweet Gum
2. Oak 11. White Pine
3. Blue Spruce 12. Norway Spruce
4. Austrian Pine 13. Apple
5. Catalpa 14. Crab Apple
6. Birch 15. Weeping Willow
7. Maple 16. Pear
8. Cherry 17. Hawthorn
9. Hickory 18. Tulip
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Title Annotation:information about the 1997 Tulip Time Scholarship Games
Publication:Children's Digest
Date:Apr 1, 1997
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