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It's only natural!

How do you feel about sweat, boogers, pee, burps, and other bodily functions? Don't be grossed out! When you learn about all the cool ways your body keeps you healthy, you'll be amazed and grateful. Just ask scientist Sylvia--we did. But first, test your body smarts!

How Much Do You Know about Bodies?

1. How long is your large intestine, which magically transforms your food into nutrients and water?

2. What percentage of people admit to picking their nose or eating their boogers?

3. How many cups of urine--which makes up the "river" that washes away unneeded byproducts--do you typically make each day?

4. How often do you produce a new layer of skin, the organ that keeps dirt and infection away from you?

5. How fast does your breath travel in a sneeze, which gets rid of irritating substances?

6. How much saliva, which makes it possible for you to swallow food, do you produce daily?

7. How many sweat glands--which keep your body heat regulated and skin moist and flexible--are on your feet?

8. Where does your ear wax--which traps dust and other unwanted visitors from entering your body--go?


1. Five feet.

2. Seventy percent pick, and four percent of pick-

3. Four to eight, depending on the temperature

4. Every 28 days you slough off the old layers and create a new one.

5. 100 miles per hour!

6. You make about the quart (8 cups) of spit a day.

7. 250,000 sweats glands.

8. It naturally forms little balls that fall out when we chew, swallow, and yawn.

Gross Party? Why Not?

Getting comfortable with "gross" can also be tons of fun. Throw a Gross Party, and serve Boogers on a Stick. All you do is melt some orange cheese, stir in green food coloring, and dip the end of pretzel sticks in the booger cheese. YUM!

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