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It's not so particular...anytime calceolaria. It's red and yellow.

It's not so particular . . . Anytime calceolaria. It's red and yellow

Oddly shaped, brightly colored, calceolaria flowers always invite a closer look. The only factor working against their popularity with the gardening public has been their fussiness: they can't stand very low or very high temperatures.

However, a new strain called Anytime is far less particular. The plant shown at left grew in temperatures that ranged from 45| to 110|. Set outside on a shaded deck in late April, it bloomed for three weeks in June and again in October.

Plants in bloom may be available at a few nurseries in late winter and early spring, but you can start your own from seed if you order now. Seed mixtures are available from Park Seed Co., Highway 254 N., Greenwood, S.C. 29647, and Thompson & Morgan, Box 1308, Jackson, N.J. 08527. Both issue free catalogs. Flowers are red, yellow, rose, white, and blends of these colors.

Sow the dust-like seeds on the surface of a good planting mix; do not cover. At indoor temperatures (65| to 80|), seeds should sprout within two weeks. When plants have two sets of true leaves, transplant 2 to 3 inches apart. When plants are growing vigorously, move to 4-inch pots. Bloom should start in four to five months. Plants are 6 to 9 inches tall and as broad.

Keep plants out of hot sun and be sure that soil is moist without becoming soggy; watch for mites.

Photo: Deep red and yellow, pouch-shaped flowers of Anytime calceolaria are an inch wide
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Date:Feb 1, 1986
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