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It's not slate, it's poured concrete.

Modern technology plays a role in this handsome, cost-cutting walk

BEAUTY AND DECEIT combine in this new entry walk. The slate-textured path curves around a magnolia tree and arrives at a landing beneath a colonnaded porch added to the front of Gail and Randy Goodrum's house in Studio City, California.

Before the garden and house were remodeled, guests had to walk up the drive and across the yard to an unprotected front door. The new path separates people from parked cars, and the porch provides transitional shelter.

The deception? From the street to the front steps, the path is made of top-colored, embossed, and chemically stained concrete, not slate tiles. Although the technique costs about $6 per square foot (about $2 more per square foot than a traditional poured concrete path), it represents a substantial saving over true slate, which costs about $15 per square foot. This kind of installation requires a concrete contractor experienced in the technique.

Modern technology took over when the gray concrete was poured. First, warm-colored powdered hardeners were broadcast over and worked into the wet concrete, which was then textured to imitate slate (rollers or latex molds can be used). The concrete was then scored. To give the surface warm slate tones, the walkway was coated with rust, brown, ocher, and purple chemical stains. Some colors were applied to individual squares, and other were spread across broader areas.

To age the entry's new water-washed concrete steps and bench and unify them with the old drive, they were stained a light tan.

The path and the garden remodel were designed by Nick Williams and Associates of Tarzana. Concrete work was by Neil Stringer Construction, Woodland Hills.
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Author:Whiteley, Peter O.
Date:Nov 1, 1992
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