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It's not like I want to be the most famous person in the UK but there are more options; Stars reveal New Year resolutions as Rosanna plans to conquer London in 2009.. EXCLUSIVE.


MODEL Rosanna Davison has her sights set on the bright lights of London.

The 24-year-old beauty, who will take part in a special Celebrity Winning Streak tonight, said she's determined to spread her wings and expand her modelling and television work overseas.

The Miss World 2003, who is signed to Storm modelling agency in London alongside the likes of Lily Cole and Carla Bruni, is looking for a place there to live.

Rosanna added: "I want to spend more time in London in 2009 and I have been looking for apartments there.

"I keep saying I won't move permanently but I want a kind of half and half situation so we will work it out.

"Wes is working at home at the minute in the family business in Dublin but we'll be able to find some kind of a compromise.

"I am the kind of person who likes not having a structured routine.

"I like something new happening every day - it's a bit of an adventure that way.

"Maybe one day I would like things to be more settled but for now I am enjoying the variety in my life.

"We have no plans to do that but in the next few years maybe."

As well as modelling, Rosanna is pursuing a TV career and hopes a few of her projects will be signed up for 2009.

She said: "I am working on a few different TV projects both for here and the UK.

"For a couple of them I have been working on for the whole of 2008 so hopefully they will come to fruition in 2009.

"And obviously it is a lot more competitive in Britain.

"But it's not like I want to be the most successful person in the UK - it's just somewhere I would like the option to work as well.

"I still want to work here and do different things in Ireland but it would be nice to do bits and pieces over in London." Rosanna has also been making an impact in Germany.

She admitted: "I have been doing a lot of interviews for television and some photoshoots including German Vanity Fair and a women's magazine called Bunta.

"My German isn't good but thankfully they all speak English.

"I would consider getting lessons - there's all sorts that I want to do from acting and singing classes to German.

"It's just finding the time to do it all that's the problem."

Into night 's Winning Streak Dream Ticket Celebrity Special Rosanna will compete against Caroline Morahan, Keith Duffy, Brian O'Driscoll and Bernard Dunne to scoop the most money for their chosen charities.

In a pre-recorded show the five celebrities will try their hand at games including Dream Maker Wheel, Cash Cubes and Lucky Stars under the watchful eye of Aidan Power and Kathryn Thomas.

Caroline will be representing Crumlin Children's Hospital, Keith Duffy will be playing for Irish Autism Action, Brian O'Driscoll is representing Temple Street Children's Hospital and Bernard Dunne will be giving his cash to the Make A Wish Foundation.

But Rosanna will be representing the Irish Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals.

She said: "I have worked a good bit with the ISPCA over the last few years.

" I ran the Flora Women's Mini Marathon for them earlier this year and I have been involved in various fundraising events and so on.

"I love animals and I think it is important to support them as much as humans. It's a great charity.

"I'm mainly a dog person at the moment I have one dog, a black labrador called Millie.

"But at one point I also had three horses too.

"Going on this show is a great opportunity - you can win as much as EUR250,000 for your charity which is a lot of money and at the very least you are guaranteed a minimum of EUR5,000.

"So there will be a lot of well fed puppies at the ISPCA for the new year.

"But it will all be about the luck of the draw."

Host Aidan Power said all the celebrities were very well behaved.

He added: " It 's a pre-recorded show so I have the night off on New Year's Eve and I think I'm being made to have a party in my house.

"We'll all be able to watch the show anyway but having the celebrities on was really good fun.

"All the money went to great causes but we can't reveal the winner yet."

As for the New Year, Rosanna admitted she's not making resolutions.

She added: "I want to be happy and healthy - that's all that matters.

"I don't like to use the excuse of a New Year to start or stop something.

"On a superficial level I would like to keep my bedroom a bit tidier.

"But there's nothing I need to give up for a particular reason."

Winning Streak Dream Ticket Celebrity Special will be aired on RTE1 at 8.30pm tonight.


MY big New Year's wish is for more Girls Aloud No1 singles and to finally buy a house in LA. At the minute we are renting but I'd love to have somewhere of my own and really decorate and furnish it all myself. That is my ambition.


I'D love to get in good shape in 2009 - although I say that at the start of every year. I want to hit the gym and get really fit for the Westlife comeback. I also want to travel more.


I'D love more No1 hits of course. I'm also looking forward to launching a girl group I've created with Kian. I think they can give Girls Aloud a real run for their money.


I'M going to try and stay fit and healthy and stay off the drink. I predict I will remain unbeaten in the ring too.


I'VE had an amazing 2008 so I guess my wish for 2009 is to keep doing the business for Xpose. It's my dream job and I'd love to meet more big stars in the coming months. I'm also determined to keep in shape and work out more


I'D love to make the year ahead the most amazing of my life and really get my music career on track.

If I could get a record deal and do a few gigs I'd see it as mission accomplished.


IT'S been a mad year with the Boyzone comeback so I'd like to spend more time on the golf course. But more importantly I'd love us to make another great album.


I'M going to cook more - although I always say that. I want to spend more time with my family and be a domestic Goddess.

I don't like to use the excuse of a New Year to start or stop something...

there's nothing I need to give up

I would consider getting lessons - there's all sorts I want to do from acting and singing to German


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Date:Dec 31, 2008
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