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It's not just a figure of speech anymore. (The 10-Ring).

Yeah, you've heard cops talk about catching a crook with his pants down, but how many have actually done it? A couple of sharp, fleet-footed Greek cops can now claim that honor.

These guys didn't pay attention in Basic Robbery School when they were told you should smoothly pull on your ski mask and whup out your roscoe as you step in the door of the bank. Instead, they lingered on the front steps of a bank in the seaside town of Tymbaki, checking their ordnance and adjusting masks in full view of several witnesses. And forgetting that witnesses, these days, often have cell-phones.

They were fast in and fast out, but the cops screeched up just as they came out the door, prompting a heart pounding foot chase down the block. Ducking into a nearby building, they found some clothes, including a couple of bathing suits, and thought bingo! -all they have to do is strip, get into those swimsuits, and presto-change-o, they're just a pair of tourists strolling down to the beach. It was a race to see if they could strip and dress before the cops found 'em.

They lost. News sources said both suspects were caught literally bent over stark naked, trying to pull skimpy-stretchy bathing suits up over their ankles when officers burst in on them. Following a brief but spirited conversation about what to drop and what not to reach for, the pantsless pair gave up. Officers recovered the stickup duds, the guns, 300.000 Euros (about $296,000 US) and positive proof that fear of being shot has about the same effect on men as a swim in very cold water

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Author:Gilmore, Commander
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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