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It's no Holz barred; Angel five, 7.30pm.

ONE life begins as another one ends, in tonight's episode that features all the usual supernatural goings-on.

Holz (Keith Szarabajka) has the upper hand as the episode begins, tricking Angel (David Boreanaz) into a showdown.

But Angel warns nothing will atone for the death he and Darla (Julie Benz) unleashed on Holz's family.

Holz is past caring - vengeance is the only thing on his mind now.

He plans to use Angel as bait to attract Darla, so he can kill both his family's murderers simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Darla's birth contractions are causing problems.

Her pain is so great she lashes out, knocking Wesley (Alexis Denisof) unconscious.

And although the contractions seem to cease, Darla is worried her body is rejecting the baby - it has been nourishing her, rather than the other way round.

Unlike her, the baby has a soul, and when it is born she won't feel love for it anymore as the soul will have left her body. Darla pleads with Angel to keep it safe from her. While Angel is imprisoned by Holz, Lila (Stephanie Romanov) steals the scroll from him.

She takes it to an expert and it makes for apocalyptic reading - it looks unlikely both mother and baby will survive the birth.

The gang take Darla to the Caritas where the Host is finishing a protection spell from both demonic and human violence.

But Holz tracks them down at the bar and throws a barrel of gasoline that explodes and destroys the building.

While escaping the blast, things look grim when Darla's baby stops kicking. Realising she must die for her child to live, Darla puts a stake through her heart and evaporates - leaving an enormous baby lying in her place.

As a shocked Angel cradles the mite, Holz approaches him with a crossbow.

Can he bring himself to kill the newborn child?


BBC1, 9.00pm

A RESPECTED journalist and author is assassinated in his office and the MI5 team follows a leading Colombian paramilitary who is setting up in London.

When the team discovers the journalist was investigating crimes against human rights in Colombia, all the evidence points towards one man. Rafa Morientes (Daniel Cerqueira) has a reputation for savagery and specialises in the murder of human rights activists.

He has come to the UK in order to establish himself at the head of a terrorist network.

Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Zoe (Keeley Hawes) go undercover to get to know Rafa's girlfriend, Mariela.

Meanwhile, Tessa (Jenny Agutter) returns to take revenge on Harry but, in doing so, she puts the future of one of the team's new recruits in jeopardy.

Human Senses

BBC1, 7.00pm

BALANCE is the human body's true sixth sense - it enables us to sense how our bodies are moving around in the world and how it keeps us upright.

There are only two kinds of animal that spend their whole lives performing the tricky balancing act of walking on two legs - humans and some flightless birds, like ostriches.

But balancing can be a deceptively complex business.

In the final programme in the series, Nigel Marven joins a stunt co-ordinator for a dramatic drive.

And the experience reveals how the balance organs let the brain know when the body is being moved around and even turned upside down. Nigel reveals why spinning round in circles makes us dizzy and why drinking alcohol makes it hard to walk in a straight line.


Machines Time Forgot, Ch4, 9.00pm

18th century submarines - how exciting
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Date:Aug 2, 2003
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