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It's no Buddhist temple but Mexico pulls out of embassy fundraiser.

WASHINGTON -- A Republican Party fundraiser that was scheduled to be held at a Mexican Embassy facility was abruptly canceled after a campaign finance watchdog group criticized Republicans for trying to use foreign officials to raise money for GOP senators.

The dinner, which was to be held at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, was part of a series of meetings and social events for people who contributed at least $10,000 to the Republican National Senatorial Campaign Committee, which raises money for Senate candidates. Those donors are part of the committee's "inner circle" and had been invited to meet scores of Bush administration officials along with Mexican diplomats at the event.

But lobbying group Common Cause got a copy of the invitation last month and published it on its Web site.

Mexican Embassy officials, concerned about violating US campaign finance laws and the embarrassing political fallout, decided to withdraw from the event.
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Publication:America's Insider
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 17, 2001
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