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It's nit easy,Tamara.

As the daughter of billionaire F1 boss Bernie, Tamara Ecclestone lives in a PS70million house and has 50 staff to lend a helping hand.

After all, with dressing rooms bursting with designer clothes and shoes worth about PS5million, someone's got to do the washing, ironing and hanging up, haven't they? CHARM David Cassidy But poor Tamara may have more in common with us less fortunate mums than you may think.

As she revealed in an ITVBE documentary, she's losing sleep over her three-year-old daughter starting nursery and having to wipe her own bottom.

Well, love, all I can say is, just wait till she gets ringworm, verrucas, chickenpox and, best of all, nits. Yep Tamara, reality bites. | I love trying weird and wonderful food, so was pretty intrigued to read that a Finnish bakery has created what it claims is the world's first insect-based bread.

Each PS3.55 loaf contains 70 crickets which are ground down then added to wheat flour and seeds to produce highprotein bread. According to the bakery, it's an easy way for customers to "familiarise themselves with insect-based food".

Lovely. Now I just need some butterfly spread to go with it.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 26, 2017
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