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It's manipulation, pure and simple; FEEDBACK.

NOW the dust has settled on the Scottish independence vote and having watched the television coverage, I'd like to make the following observations.

I felt that most of the "Yes " voters had little understanding of the implications of their actions and the influence it was likely to have on them in the future.

Some of them thought the oil and gas rigs would provide sufficient money to keep Scotland going. Others living in deprived towns and cities considered that, by breaking away from the UK, they would be financially better off by not being ripped off by the Westminster coalition Government. However, they failed to appreciate the problems relating to banks and businesses that would be faced after breaking away.

I thought the referendum was a carefully connived confidence trick in which the Scottish people were to be led like lambs to the slaughter by David Cameron and Alex Salmond, who fell as the victim due to the lack of public support and resigned.

Whether or not people voted in favour or against the proposal, they will still remain under the control of the Westminster Government, which will control the level of their financial support. A highly unsatisfactory situation, as we are all aware here in Wales with our underfunding through the Barnett formula.

There are also severe financial cuts to the NHS and welfare benefits. For a number of years benefit claimants have been the victims of the Department for Work and Pensions and Job Centre failures, as they work within the bounds of highly unsatisfactory legislation for people with disabilities.

Now, the coalition Government is about to start another project likely to cause the maximum inconvenience and stress to the public by restricting the money flow for some benefits. Call me cynical, but it gives me the impression that this is propaganda ahead of next year's Westminster elections.

The reality is that all this is about the financial manipulation of people and control of all parts of the UK to the advantage of Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party interests.

And then they use the new gagging legislation to stop charities making political points.

Malcolm H Mort 38 Degrees member and Disability Rights Campaigner Roath, Cardiff

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Oct 1, 2014
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