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It's important to Czech the quality.

The need to control the quality of anodised products is difficult when production quantities are modest.

Large processing outworkers do not like small precision jobs to anodise and dye as jigging and managing small orders is expensive.

Most companies think that anodising plants have to be large and with a costly and skilled infrastructure to operate.


Balco have been designing and manufacturing smaller in-house systems for some years.

Their main market has been SME's producing quality aluminium products followed by research laboratories, universities and clients who need to comply with ISO, MOD or Aerospace specifications.

Its range of plant is from an unbelievably small 5 litre project for wave guides to 2000 litre plants for volume production of aircraft parts.

Balco supply all the design, plant and materials in sensible package sizes including a range of over 100 Swiss made dye colours to suit all requirements.

During July 2009 Balco successfully installed an anodising plant with a 1100 litre capacity into a company in the Czech Republic. The items to be anodised and dyed are machined aluminium components in varying sizes and this was a complete package, covering plant design to suit the available workshop space, manufacture and shipping of the plant with additional training on site as the client was new to the process.

They also cover equipment for Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum anodising plus general electroplating plant.

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Title Annotation:INSTALLATIONS
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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