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It's getting hot in here!


If the heat's making you take off all your clothes, it might be that your microclimate cooling garment (MCG) or your microclimate cooling unit (MCU) doesn't have enough coolant.

When you sign out an MCG from the ALSE office, make sure both it and the MCU have been properly serviced with coolant. Check out EM 0250 and the -23 manuals for procedures on mixing and servicing the coolant. If you hook an empty garment into your aircraft's cooling unit, the garment can pull all the fluid from the MCU. The opposite will happen if you have an MCG that is full and an empty MCU.

The coolant in the vest goes through the MCU to be cooled and if the garment is dry, it will put air in the system and will not cool as well.


If you do this a few times without servicing the MCU or the MCG, you'll eventually have a dry system. If that happens, the unit's pump may burn out. Then you'll really be hot under the collar.

Staying cool means making sure the MCG is serviced before you leave the ALSE shop. Don't forget that the coolant must be purged every 60 days and before you put the MCG and the MCU away for winter storage.

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