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It's getting about the time when I gotta write about a few things.

IT'S GETTING ABOUT THE TIME when I gotta write about a few things. First, don't send me letters asking to send you a 'zine I reviewed, or a catalogue, or for me to write to that one guy who does a 'zine outta Kalamazoo or whatever. That's why I include addresses when they're available; write to the 'zine maker directly. Do, however, keep sending 'zines my way. Also, do include an address somewhere so people know how to get ahold of one. If I don't review your 'zine, it doesn't mean I didn't like it; I get too many to review each month. Prisoners: I sympathize, but these policies are for you too. Remember that not all 'zines will pass muster at the prison mailroom, so if you paid for a 'zine and never got ir, it's not necessarily the 'zinester's fault. Nor is it mine. And confidential to the guy who sent me a photocopied letter asking if he could join my "company fan club" and get free DVDs, posters, stickers, patches, etc: the answer is no, you douche bag nozzle. Now, on to the reading material...

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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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