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It's game on for 2019; BEN CATLEY- RICHARDSON looks at the highlights in store for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.


TRAVIS STRIKES AGAIN: NO MORE HEROES PLATFORM: Switch ETA: January 18 WITH an apparent focus on local co-op play, Travis Strikes Again ought to bring a new level of chaos to the No More Heroes series and its love of lightsaber-esque swordplay, outlandish motion controls and lurid pop culture references.

RESIDENT EVIL 2 PLATFORM: PC, Xbox One, PS4 ETA: January 25 AFTER the terrifying first-person adventures of Resident Evil 7, this Resi 2 remake resurrects the run 'n' gun action focus that made Resident Evil 4 such an incredible milestone, while enhancing the series' intense, claustrophobic atmosphere.

METRO EXODUS PLATFORM: PC, Xbox One, PS4 ETA: February 15 METRO Exodus reaches beyond the underground tunnels of previous outings in this brutally stark survival action game, and out into huge and hazardous open worlds where you'll need to gather resources and battle ruthless monsters.

LEFT ALIVE PLATFORM: PC, PS4 ETA: March 5 SET in the nearapocalyptic remains of a futuristic war zone, Left Alive resembles a Metal Gear Solid-style blend of sneaky guerrilla tactics and out-and-out combat. Here's hoping we get to pilot those super-powered Mech tanksuits, too.

MORTAL KOMBAT 11 PLATFORM: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch ETA: April 23 SCORPION, Raiden and Shao Khan are back (and surely the other fan favourites can't be far behind), as Mortal Kombat's ludicrously gory fisticuffs returns, undoubtedly serving up another helping of controversial finishing flourishes.

ELDER SCROLLS: BLADES PLATFORM: iPad/iPhone ETA: TBCJUST because Blades will be free to play, doesn't mean it won't be a full-blown epic RPG experience for your mobile - complete with touch-screen controls, randomly generated dungeons and an intriguing one-handed portrait mode.

METROID PRIME 4 PLATFORM: Switch ETA: TBCSAMUS was a stone-cold cert for Switch, though we still know nothing about her new adventure. It is, however, all but with its curious mix of 3D challenges and psychic powers.

SESSION PLATFORM: Xbox One, PS4 ETA: Late 2019 Ska teboard sim Session as a Kickstarter project that raised its entire PS50k goal in three days. It's hoping to roll on from where EA's innovative Skate left off, analogue stick control, open world skating and video creation.

THE LAST OF US: PART II PLATFORM: PS4 ETA: Late 2019 ELLIE takes over from Joel as lead for this wasteland survival sequel.

Recent trailers suggest there's no let-up in the vicious violence, though there new and disturbing threat in the shape of territorial religious DAYS GONE PLATFORM: PS4 ETA: Late 2019 THE desolate drama of The Walking Dead meets World War Z's heart-stopping hordes in the zombie holocaust of Days Gone, which has been teasing us with glimpses of its thrilling crowd combat for more than a year now.

MOUNT & BLADE II: BANNERLORD PLATFORM: PC ETA: TBC MOUNT & BLADE is a unique Medieval sandbox, where you're free to raid settlements, raise armies or raze spectacular castles, waging at the scale you choose and taking to multiplayer battlefields for orchestrated combat.


Elder Scrolls: Blades has nothing of its epic nature just because it is

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Sun (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 6, 2019
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