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It's fun at the fitness farm.

Coach Del Harris of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers met with our sports campers and talked about choosing goals and working to accomplish them. "We need to start early and develop a meaning or a purpose to our lives. You all want to grow up to be somebody you can feel good about," he said. The coach offered these tips for success:

* Believe in yourself.

* Have a good attitude about yourself

and others.

* Identify and focus on your purpose

and goals.

* Work on your fundamentals.

* Continue to learn.

* Stay in top physical condition.

Duffing With Divot

Sports campers enjoyed a trick shot exhibition by Divot the Golfing Clown. Divot hit left-handed, right-handed, and sometimes with both hands! Somehow, the ball always went where he wanted it to.

But he wasn't just showing off. He was teaching golf fundamentals at the same time! Beginning in the April/May issue of Jack And Jill, Divot will be back to teach more golf skills. Don't miss it!
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Publication:Jack & Jill
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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