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It's exciting times for our profession in world events.

I continue to be amazed at how fortunate we are able to be in our profession . . . especially when you read about and see the direct impact of telecomm technology, not only upon our immediate workplace, but upon recent world events.

For example, look at the direct effect facsimile had in facilitating the pro-democracy movement in Tienanmen Square. Recall the Gulf War coverage with its historical play-by-play of a war brought to us by TV and radio into the family room.

Coverage of the break-up of the Communist Empire created a contagious effect which encouraged others to take action by the images of the leaders seen standing on tanks in Red Square.

The coverage of these events--dramatic as it was--used the same telecomm technology which is available to us in our work place, be it video/audio conferencing, fax, or VSAT.

The opportunity to improve our position, or in some cases to survive, as a telecomm manager will depend on how we make use of this available technology.

Creative applications result from researching the vast data and raw information available, then selling these applications to management, followed by implementation and installation.

This cannot be done alone. There is just too much information for us to assimilate by ourselves.

Sometimes I feel that we may be reacting to this information as we react to the light just now arriving from distant galaxies which have ben extinct for eons and eons of light years.

Be that as it may, the association community with its educational programs, seminars, expositions and conferences is being challenged as never before to encourage its membership in this research effort, in the development of applications, and in sharing and cooperating with the vendor/supplier community.

TAC news

Where and when will your association be holding its annual conference and exposition in the year 2003?

The members of the Telecommunications Associations Council, at their Fourth Annual Meeting, submitted the dates and places for their annual meetings in order to help avoid possible conflicts and duplicate schedules.

I hope this kind of planning ahead will spread these key association events out more evenly. This should help assure better coverage of the booths with topnotch vendor personnel as well as help avoid duplication of seminar subjects and speakers.

Below are conference dates and places for the following associations:

* ACUTA: July 26-30, 1992, Hilton, San Francisco; July 18-22, 1993, Opryland, Nashville; July 31-August 4, 1994, Hilton, Anaheim; July 16-20, 1995, Stouffers, Orlando.

* CBTA: Will meet at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre September 20-27, 1992, September 23-30, 1995, in 1998 and 2001; at Montreal Convention Centre, September 11-18, 1993, September 14-21, 1996; September 11-19, 1999, and 2002; at Vancouver Convention Centre, September 10-17, 1994, August 23-30, 1997, August 26-September 2, 2000, and September 13-20, 2003.

* CMA: Meets at the New York Hilton, October 19-21, 1992, October 18-20, 1993, October 17-19, 1994, October 23-15, 1995.

* ENTELEC: March 29-April 1, 1992 at Dallas Convention Center/Hyatt; March 21-24, 1992. New Orleans Convention Center/Hyatt; March 12-15, 1994, San Antonio Convention Center/Hilton; March 12-15, 1995, Houston George R. Brown/Hyatt; March 25-27, 1996, Dallas Convention Center/Anatole; March 16-19, 1997, New Orleans Convention Center/Hyatt; March 1-3, 1998 San Antonio Convention Center.

* ICA: May 17-21, 1992, Atlanta; May 16-20, 1993, Dallas; June 5-10, 1994, Anaheim; May 21-26, 1995, Atlanta; May 12-16, 1996, San Francisco.

* TCA plans to meet at the San Diego Convention Center throughout the decade: September 21-25, 1992; September 20-24, 1993; October 3-7, 1994; September 18-22, 1995; September 16-20, 1996; September 22-26, 1997; September 14-18, 1998; September 13-17, 1999; September 18-22, 2000.

MTC meeting

Midwestern Telecommunications Conference's 14th annual conference and exposition gets underway at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency. This year's conference theme is "Telecommunications: The Gateway to the World."

The theme, according to Jeanne Malone, president of the Minnesota Telecomm Association and host to this year's conference, "illustrates the ever-growing importance of telecommunications in our shrinking world.

"As the walls come tumbling down and the world looks to an international community, we as telecomm professionals face new challenges and opportunities never before imagined."

ICA, which is a member of TAC, has responded to the challenge of more cooperation, sharing dialogue within the association community by inviting Bill Pomeroy, ICA's director of public policy, to this year's conference to explore possible avenues of sharing and cooperation in the regulatory arena.
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