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It's elemental!

DIRECTIONS: First, read "Name That Element!" (p.18). Then, solve the clues below to complete this crossword puzzle. To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses.


1. A () is a row on the periodic table.

2. () are negatively charged particles.

3. A metal combines with another metal to form an ()

4. A () is a naturally occurring solid with a uniform structure.

5. Copper is a () metal.

6. A () is an uncharged particle.

7. An atom's center is called its ().


8. Most animals use a red iron compound called () to carry oxygen in their blood.

9. An () is a substance that consists of atoms of only one kind.

10. Copper (), or transmits, heat and electricity.

11. () are positively charged particles.

12. A () is a column on the periodic table.


The Statue of Liberty's index finger is (a) -- feet long. The seven spikes on her crown represent Earth's seven (b) -- or seven (c) --


1. period

2. electrons

3. alloy

4. minerals

5. transition

6. neutron

7. nucleus

8. hemoglobin

9. elements

10. conducts

11. protons

12. groups

Bonus: a. eight b. continents c. seas
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Date:Oct 9, 2006
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