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It's elemental!

DIRECTIONS: First, read "Name That Element!" (p. 12). Then, solve the clues below to complete this crossword puzzle. To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses.


1. The (-)------ is a gland found in the format.

2. Iodine dissolved in water: -(-)---- solution

3. The smallest unit of an element: --(-)-

4. A powerful germ killer: ----(-)-(-)---

5. Black and white film is coated with a compound of iodine and (-)-----.

6. A particle containing two atoms: -(-)------ molecule


7. Potatoes contain long chains of sugar molecules called (-)-----.

8. Chemical messengers that regulate body functions, including energy use: -------(-)

9. Long-lasting -(-)----- lightbulbs are sometimes filled with iodine.

10. Hot, glowing wire in a lightbulb: -------(-)

11. Two or more elements chemically combine to form a --(-)----(-).

12. A row on the periodic table: --(-)---


One of the first uses of the items in clue 9 was to light up a. ------ b. --------.

1. thyroid 2. Lugol's 3. atom 4. antiseptic 5. silver 6. diatomic 7. starch 8. hormones 9. halogen 10. filament 11. compound 12. period

Bonus: a. sports b. stadiums
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Date:Mar 27, 2006
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