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It's elemental!

First, study "Name That Element!" (p. 18). Then, solve the clues below to complete this crossword puzzle. To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses.


1. The--found in toothpaste scrubs clean the surface of teeth.

2. Phosphorous combines with -- to form strong bones.

3. A--is a solid found in rocks and soil that has a specific crystal structure.

4. Negatively charged particles: --

5. Along with nitrogen, --is a common ingredient in fertilizers.

6.--is the chemical that carries hereditary information.

7. Phosphorus and helium are both non--, which do not conduct electricity or heat well.


8. Phosphorous combines with calcium and fluorine to form the mineral--.

9. The tart flavoring found in soda comes from an acid made of phosphorous combined with hydrogen and--.

10.--are tiny green structures in plants where photosynthesis occurs.

11. A--is commonly added to soft drinks and other foods to increase their shelf life.

12. Shiny white outer layer on teeth:--

Bonus: The structure of DNA is a twisted ladder shape called a.--b.--.


1. abrasive 2. calcium 3. mineral 4. electrons 5. phosphorus 6. DNA 7. metals 8. apatite 9. oxygen 10. chloroplasts 11. preservative 12. enamel Bonus: a. double b. helix
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Date:Nov 28, 2005
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