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It's elemental!

First, study "Name That Element!" (p. 18). Then solve the clues below to complete this crossword puzzle. To spell out the bonus words, unscramble the letters in parentheses. A * on the crossword grid indicates a bonus word.

1. Layer of rock that forms Earth's outer surface: --

2. Two or more elements that are chemically combined: --

3. Positively charged molecules made of one carbon and three oxygen atoms: --ions.

4. Rock used for statues and countertops: --

5. Marine sea creature's hard outer shell: --

6. If elements are of the same --, that means they belong to the same group.

7. Black-light: -- light

8. Changes from liquid to gas phase: --

9. Dangling cave formations: --

10. Raised cave formations: --

11. Elements of the same row belong to the same --

12. Negatively charged particles: --


For healthy bone development, nutritionists recommend that adolescents and -- take in 1,300 -- of this issue's mystery element per day.

For more information, visit:


1. crust 2. compounds 3. carbonate 4. marble 5. exoskeleton 8. family 7. ultraviolet 8. evaporates 8. stalactites 10. stalagmites 11. period 12. electrons

Bonus: teens, milligrams, milk
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Title Annotation:Vocabulary Builder
Publication:Science World
Date:Jan 12, 2004
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It's elemental!
It's elemental!
It's elemental!
It's elemental!
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