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It's easy to hit the right tone.

A TONED chest is a must for all those strappy tops you will want to wear this summer.

So how do you go about getting the right look though?

Steven Hunter, Leisure Operations Manager at Greens gym in Giffnock, Glasgow, has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. Follow Steven's simple guide below to help firm and tone your body.

The major muscle of the chest is the Pectoralis Major. When training the chest area, other muscle groups, such as the triceps and deltoids, can be worked.

This makes a lot of the chest exercises compound, meaning to use more than one muscle group at any one time.

This allows us to keep the heart rate at a higher level and, in effect, burn even more calories.


Recommended 2 x 10/15 reps

THIS exercise will help to achieve a firm chest.

1 Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hold the dumbelles directly above your chest, with the palms of your hands facing into each other.

2 Take a deep breath, pull your stomach muscles in and take a slight bend in the elbow.

3 Slowly lower your arms out to the side.

4 Stopping when the arms come into line with your body, take a slight pause then return to start position while breathing out.

5 You could use a heavier weight for a tougher workout.


Recommended 2 x 10/15 reps

THIS exercise will help to achieve a perky chest and help tone arms and shoulders too.

1 Lie with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hold the dumbelles above your chest with the palm of your hands facing your feet.

2 Take a deep breath in and pull your stomach muscles in.

3 Take your hands apart while bending your arms at the elbow.

4 Stop when you get to a 90-degree bend in the arm.

5 Pause then straighten your arms, bringing your hands back together to return to start position while breathing out.

6 You can use a barbelle for a tougher workout.


THIS exercise will help achieve a firmer chest, as well as toning your shoulders and arms.

1 Kneel on all fours on the ground with knees hip-width apart. Place hands on the ground, roughly a shoulder width and a half apart, looking straight down at the ground to keep your head and neck in alignment.

2 Pull your stomach muscles in tight.

3 Take a deep breath and bend your arms, so that you lower your chest slowly to the floor.

4 Stop just before your chest touches the ground and take a slight pause.

5 Return to the start position while breathing out.

Greens in Braidholm Road, Giffnock and Finnieston, Glasgow, have a relaxed all round approach to health and fitness. Offering more than 75 fitness classes per week, resistance and cardio areas and a 25-metre swimming pool and wet area, there is something for everyone to stay fit, get fit, improve your health and enjoy more life. Exercises by Kirsty Browne, Fitness Coach at Greens Giffnock.


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