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It's crystal clear why the show a maze s us.

PICK OF THE DAY celebrity crystal maze Channel 4, 8pm HE test of a truly great reboot is that you stop comparing it to the original.

TAnd this incarnation of the 90s game show, with deeply sardonic host Richard Ayoade and his strange hand on a stick, definitely falls into that category.

Although perhaps Richard, filling the boots of the likes of Richard O'Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole, is a little unsure In tonight's episode, when actress Kara Tointon says she's excited because the game is "nostalgic", he quips: "Yes it did used to be better, we know that. Don't bring it up, it's painful."

This series has actually been thoroughly entertaining so far as famous faces take on the famous dome.

In this instalment Kara is joined by comedian Al Murray, reality TV stalwart Olivia Attwood, Hollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor-Dawson and their team captain DJ Melvin Odoom through the fearsome four zones.

"The collective noun for this group of people is 'celebrities'," mocks Richard.

It's a little low energy compared to previous episodes that saw Gemma Collins screeching constantly or Ann Widdecombe furiously shouting Jeremy Corbyn's name, but it's still entertaining.

Al gets to grips with some colourful balls darting through tubes, Melvin has a word search problem and Olivia tries to solve riddles from a head in a cage.

Later, Kara takes on a squirming dragon but it proves tricky.

Fortunately, as always, Richard is the voice of reason: "Unless she's done this in her personal life why should she be able to do it?" Richard Ayoade is ready to lend a hand as Al Murray, Ashley Taylor-Dawson Kara Tointon, Melvin Odoom and Olivia Attwood prepare to tackle the maze

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 19, 2019
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