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It's all in the tail.

Get the attention of whitetails and bring them in range with the TattleTail[TM] ($19.99). As its name suggests, this 2-D decoy is designed to represent the tail of a whitetail deer. One side of the triangular-shaped fabric is a muted gray color and the other side is white. You secure it to the base of your stand tree. A weight at the bottom of the TattleTail keeps it from flapping in the wind. A 25' string is attached to the weight. When you see a buck, especially one that is looking for the source of your calling, pull up on the string to reveal the white side and make him think he's seeing the flicking of a real deer's tail. Contact: Tattle Tail Outdoors, (302) 593-5649,

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Title Annotation:What's New
Author:Fortenbaugh, Brian
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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