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It's all about money and not the traffic.

COUNCILLOR Bob Derbyshire makes me so cross.

We, the residents of North Cardiff, have never been consulted about Wedal Road Recycling Centre and I, for one, would never have complained about it.

The residents who are complaining are the ones who bought their houses knowing full well that they were next to a recycling centre. It's like buying a house next to a school and then wanting the school closed because you don't like the sound of children.

Wedal Road is very busy because of the left-hand side being parked up by workers from UHW. If the park-and-ride system, which used to go to the hospital, was fit for purpose, these people could park in Pentwyn and travel in by bus.

It's rubbish to say you can get to Lamby Way in 10 minutes. I know because I've tried it. Maybe police cars with sirens blaring could, but your average motorist travelling at legal speeds cannot. The issue of emissions is also rubbish. Going further uses more petrol and car engines are running for longer.

I complain all the time about parents from Rhydypenau School clogging Rhydypenau Road. No-one from the council takes a blind bit of notice. Why so many have to travel by car is beyond me.

So Bob Derbyshire taking up cudgels on behalf of residents of Wedal Road is all about saving money and has nothing to do with concerns for residents about traffic.

If Bob Derbyshire really wants to cut traffic emissions, he could try coming along and seeing the congestion at 3.35pm daily outside my house. I welcome a visit.

Susan M Roberts Rhydypenau Road, Cardiff

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 16, 2015
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