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It's about oil, I am told.

Dear sir,

Africa is desperately looking for answers as to what is happening in Libya.

The last effort to stupefy our own people could be heard and seen on the national broadcaster's Talk of the Nation show on Monday this week.

We were presented with a scapegoat. It was obviously very easy for the panel--all of them birds of the same feather - to blame the West, especially the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

"They are oil hungry and therefore they wage war against Libya and poor Gaddafi," were some of the views of the panel.

They unashamedly forgot that Libyans, Arabs and Africans called in NATO to stop Gaddafi from bulling his own people.

It is this very attitude that prolongs the misery, killings and atrocities there. It is this sickly attitude that hampers true progress all over Africa!

This stupefying exercise was done by our own political Einsteins, including two future leaders, an old hand in politics as well as a pro fessor. The NBC was their willing propaganda vehicle. If we tolerate such demagogy now, we will have to tolerate the many African Gaddafis who are amongst our rulers, who will one day do the same to us. It will happen, no doubt about it, because this aggressive attitude was disclosed in our Parliament a short time ago already.

Yes, our minister who is responsible for 'defence' motivated his budget by saying that we have to buy weapons to "prepare ourselves against such turbulences as seen up North." Why is it always the same few who 'cry wolf'?

Africans have to blame themselves and nobody else for what happens in Africa. Our own indifference and inertia, our incurable, selfishness and our abysmal ignorance enable those who have their own hidden agenda to fool and stupefy us at will. They keep us down, they steal our self-respect and our future. We enable them to steal what is ours; the Gaddafis, Mubaraks, Mugabes, dos Santos' and Alis.

There are many who would like to keep this status quo forever! Let us look around ourselves, let us look over our borders. Let us start living consciously.

It would have been much easier for those who are now accused of waging war on Libya to get the oil by dealing with Gaddafi as they did before. A war is expensive. Selling and buying is not. However, it was necessary for humanity to pay attention to the call of the Libyans. Who better than to prevent Gaddafi from doing what he promised to do Libyans other than those our Namibian 'experts' now want to crucify? The AU? The African Union is impotent, useless, a waste of money and time. It is a 'tiger without teeth'. The AU is a union, established to look after the well-being of African presidents only, be they good or bad. The AU is a burden.

Titus Shilombo



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Title Annotation:Speak your mind!!!
Author:Shilombo, Titus
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Geographic Code:60AFR
Date:Jun 17, 2011
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