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It's a weird world: rapist falls asleep after exploit.

A cheeky Zimbabwean man who allegedly sneaked into a 72-year-old granny's bedroom hut before raping her, was early this week arrested by villagers while stark naked after he fell asleep in his victim's hut.

Strive Vhune (26) of Munangari Village in Gororo communal lands, allegedly forgot to put his clothes on and bolted out of the granny's bedroom hut while naked after being cornered by villagers who had closed in on him as he was taking a nap.

Masvingo police spokesman, Inspector Tineyi Matake said Vhune was apprehended by villagers who chased him in the dead of the night after finding him sleeping naked in the granny's hut.

"The suspect fell asleep soon after raping the woman who then took advantage and sneaked to alert other neighbours who managed to apprehend him after he fled from the bedroom hut while stark naked," he said.

"Vhune is in custody while police finalise investigations and he will appear in court soon facing rape charges.''

Insp Matake said the 72-year-old woman was sleeping alone in her bedroom hut where she had sed a wheelbarrow to secure the door from inside. Vhune arrived at the house and pushed the door open before getting inside.

He then raped the helpless granny after he had removed all his clothes.

Other villagers teamed up and headed towards the granny's homestead after she sneaked out and reported the matter to them.

Vhune was woken up by the sound of footsteps and bolted out of the hut while naked.

He was apprehended by the villagers after they gave chase and they handed him over to police at Ngundu the next morning.
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Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
Date:Feb 17, 2012
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