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It's a wedge with chunks cut out.

This house may look like a wedge of cheese, but there isn't much else you can build on a triangular city lot perched above a ravine.

By designing a wedge-shaped deck and planter, Seattle architect Lee Singleton made the most of this difficult site, particularly at the pointed end of the house.

He cut two chunks out of the upper level. The larger cutout is an outdoor room, giving owners Debbie and Dave Galloway needed outside space and getting the deck up high enough to take advantage of the view. A large planter fits in the otherwise unusable point. (Since the planter can only be reached by a ladder, the Galloways will install a drip-watering system.) The tall wall on one side of the deck area provides privacy from the adjacent street; high unglazed "windows" let in light and soften the otherwise imposing enclosure. Pipe railing on the private side opens the deck toward the east. A 3-foot-wise wall ends the deck; on the other side, the planter continues to a 6-inch-wide point. Lights are recessed into the soffits above both deck and planter.

Sliding glass doors off the living room provide convenient access to the deck.
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Title Annotation:house design
Date:Apr 1, 1984
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