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It's a sting on the ale for Andrew.


THIS dozy beekeeper was left red faced after trying to move a bee hive following a night on the beer.

Amateur Irish beekeeper Andrew Short, 38, who is living in Australia, thought it would be a good idea to shift the nest from his backyard to the roof of his house while he was tipsy.

He had just returned from the Melbourne Comedy Festival on Monday evening when he climbed up the ladder to move the nest that had 8,000 angry insects in it.

Andrew was sure the bees would be asleep for the night because it was past midnight but instead they attacked, leaving him with more than 60 painful stings.

An embarrassed Andrew said: "A few beers maybe and a ladder, it's a bad combination. The problem was that I was up the ladder holding the hive and at that point it was easier to go up than go down.

"They were stinging my eyes, but I had to carry on to try and make sure that I wasn't going to fall off the roof.

"So there was work to do, and then I said, 'Best to go down'."

Andrew was taken to hospital where he was treated for stings to his face, chest, neck, arms and abdomen.

His main worry was being too scared to call his wife, who was away with their two daughters.

He added: "I thought it was the perfect night to do it, because you can't ask the missus to get involved in lifting beehives, oddly."

Irish Mirror Comment: Page 10


UNBEE-LIEVABLE 3Andrew Short repeats his act a day after receiving 60 stings
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 20, 2011
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