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It's a right ribbiting read, 1D; BOYBAND STAR AS FROGS IN CHARITY KIDS' BOOK.

Byline: Ashleigh Rainbird , Hannah Hope , Halina Watts

Now Zayn Malik's croaked it and left One Direction, bandmate Harry Styles has leapfrogged into the forefront - literally.

The lads have been forced to re-jig their first foray into children's books - about a band of frogs called Pond Direction - as Zayn's character had the main part. Eek.

Writers have had to rejig the storyline so that froggy Harry takes centre stage - or lily pad, while illustrators have had to remove Zayn's frog altogether. Aw. The book is called The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, about a half-girl, half-dinosaur, and will be released in the Autumn in aid of Children in Need.

A host of celebs have contributed a page to the storyline - including Coleen and Wayne Rooney, Amanda Holden, Ronan Keating, Bear Grylls, Rod Stewart and Kylie Minogue - who adds sparkle with a fairy godmother.

A copy of the kids' tome will be signed by all the stars and auctioned off for charity. Howevs, when Zayn announced his departure from the boyband in March publishers had to work against the clock to update the froggy characters.

A source tells 3am: "Although there are lots of celebs helping with the book, One Direction are by far the most appealing contributors to young readers so the publishers had to ensure their most popular pages would be up-to-date."

We're sure fans will be very hoppy with Pond Direction...

Now Zayn's croaked it, Harry has leapfrogged him in froggy story

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 2, 2015
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