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It's a plane, it's a bird!

My first experience with electronic drive-by-wire controls was less than auspicious. A major manufacturer had just released them at the Miami Boat Show, and I was the first one to try it out. Heading out into the Atlantic via Government Cut, the conditions were challenging: Strong winds out of the east and an opposing outgoing tide had stacked up steep 5-footers in our path. I remember marveling at how light the pressure was to move the throttles just before removing my hand from them briefly to add more trim tab to keep the bow down. We crested a roller and hit the trough with enough force to slam both throttles wide open. Yeee-haaa! We launched off the next wave like a motorcycle rider attempting to jump the fountain at Caesar's Palace. As it turns out, the throttles hadn't had their artificial feel adjusted yet and were on the lightest setting.

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Title Annotation:engine: Electronic Controls
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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