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It's a mad world for party girl Liz.


Party hostess for people with the mostest, Liz Taylor, says the secret to her success is "thinking of the maddest thing possible", which, it turns out in that particular corner of the footballers' belt in Cheshire, is Liz herself.

We watch as The Millionaire Party Planner (Channel 4), Manchester's answer to global brand momager Kris Jenner, rallies her troops and inspires her suppliers with brutal efficiency. Even going so far as to accuse a Jewish mother client who didn't like her emoji table plan idea of "p****** on my chips". Surely for some people, that's considered a delicacy.

Then there's the skinny, trophy wife client, whose rich husband is throwing her a lavish 40th bash, but complains the sushi canapes that cost PS4 a throw were served in spoons "too big - they ruin your lipstick". Clearly she's only used to eating food off a toothpick.

But Liz is not without her charitable side, even insisting on PS750 gold-dipped bouquets of roses for a Midas Touchthemed fundraising ball.

I guess "A fool and his money are soon parted" wouldn't sound quite so snappy.


THAT'S RICH Hostess Liz Taylor

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 5, 2016
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