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It's a finely tuned tour de Forza..

FOrza mOtOrSpOrt 4 (3+) Xbox 360 Out: Friday WhILe Forza 4 retreads familiar ground, with players zipping around recognisable tracks in the fabulous career mode, a look under the bonnet reveals a bunch of new features that keeps it ahead of the pack.

Turn 10 has again tweaked its game to try to entice casual players into the fold.

This time it's included a variety of new challenges. One-on-one battles, overtaking a set number of cars and knocking down bowling pins on the Top Gear test track all feature. While purists may scoff, they are fun and break up the full-on racing action.

Kinect functionality has been added, which allows players to get up close with a selection of classic cars in Autovista mode. And you can now drive without a controller - although it's a fiddly business that offers limited fun.


Forza 4 is more of a refinement of the series rather than a completely new experience, then, and it's true Turn 10 could have taken more risks. But with its silky smooth action, excellent community features, multiplayer options and stunning attention to detail, Forza 4 is a thrilling and long-lasting ride.

sCott MUnRo


Driven to succeed... Forza Motorsport
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 9, 2011
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