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It's a fan! A light! A heater!

CHICAGO -- At the National Hardware Show, which opens here on Sunday, Pelonis USA, maker of ceramic heaters, will introduce a new concept in room heating: a combination ceiling fan light kit and heater. The new heater/light kit is designed to offer safe, efficient the hating with the circulation of a ceiling fan in individually controlled comfort zones, according to the company.

"We had quite a few requests for such a product, and we were looking for a way to get our heaters to he used 12 months a year," explained Paul Fratello, vice president of marketing and sales for Pelonis. "The ceiling fan business is a huge business and nothing new has been done to ceiling fans since their origination, other than new colors or styles, so we decided to launch the heater/light kit.

Every house, be it old construction or new construction, has a hot room in the summer and a cold room in the winter, " continued Fratello. "This is where people tend to use a space heater, and there's not really a portable appliance on the market that is available to use 365 days a year."

The 1,200-watt ceramic heater,light kit, which can be installed in standard ceiling fans, has its own fan, two heat settings and automatic thermostat. When turned on, the heater heats up, the fan in the heater blows the warm air down and the ceiling fan circulates hot air throughout the room and draws hot air off the ceiling, down into the room. The company has patents pending on the product. Three finishes are offered: white, polished brass and antique brass.

For safety, Fratello explained, the heater is mounted 8-12 inches from the ceiling, and the unit has a safety cutoff that turns it off automatically. "This is a ceramic heater, not a nichrome one in which the wires get red hot. Ceramic only heats to 380 degrees. Tissue paper flames at 420 degrees.

"With space heaters," he added, "there's a danger of tripping over the cord, or kids or pets touching it. Our unit is out of the way."

Pelonis is targeting home centers, hardware stores and mail-order catalogs, and insist retailers who buy the product use the company's freestanding display with the unit mounted, to draw consumers.

"We feel that if we put this in a light cloud, it'll never sell. It must be placed by itself," Fratello explained.

The ceiling fan, light kit and heater will retail for $199. The suggested retail for just the light kit/heater is$99. Shipments are slated for September. Pelonis USA will exhibit in McCormick Place, booth 1959 et the hardware show.
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Title Annotation:Pelonis USA's new combination ceiling fan/light kit/heater
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Aug 5, 1996
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