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It's a Denim World after all!

Welcome to a brave new world...

where we set out to solve your denim dilemmas. Trusty old denim has been around since the Wild West, and ifs evolved into the ultimate fashion statement for today. Dress it up, or get down with a groovy whisker-wash--you just can't go wrong when the possibilities are endless and the rules are not! Just find your style, and click on a look. How low (riding, that is) will you go? Perhaps you prefer romantic lace, trendy ruching, vintage frays, dressy frills or the latest dirty-denim. Whoa! It can all be a bit overwhelming when it comes to pulling a look together. Join Ashley as she surfs through Denim Dream World and gathers some blues clues of her own.

Jacket detail

STYLING TIP: change up that blah-basic jeans jacket simply by wearing it turned inside out! It makes for a much cooler casual edge, and never mind the tag show. Oh, and here's a piece of trivia for ya. The little red tab on Levi's apparel can be used to date a jacket. First used in 1936, the word Levi's was stitched in all capital letters until 1971. You could uncover a vintage treasure!

Low-riding romantic, lace-detailed denim is paired with some fresh and sporty stripes. Layered over neon green mesh, this outfit screams, "Fun, fun, fun!" Don't be afraid to stretch the look with snazzy accessories. We went for retro bohemian-inspired stuff with pseudo-suede details. It's all about contrast, baby!

Avoid constantly yanking up your denim tube dress by sliding it over your favorite top. Anything from a simple tee to a dressy blouse will work as long as it's fitted and cropped at the waist for a smooth fit. Take it sporty over a little polo shirt and sneakers (like they did on the spring designer runways). Or, for an even edgier look, layer over pants! Adding a belt over the dress where the shirt ends will help keep it in place and avoid bunching.

Nobody will mistake this starched pleated skirt for a uniform when it's taken to new sporty-chic heights. To avoid looking all-out athletic, don't (we repeat, don't) wear sneakers with this look. Balance it with, say, some trendy cork wedges and feminine ankle socks. It's ultra cool to mix. Styles--the key is to stick with the same color family (red-white-and-blue much?).
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