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It's USU's Graves in Intermediate.

Andy Graves of Utah State won the Division 2 Intermediate singles over Missouri State's Ryan Boxer.

Boxer showed tremendous sportsmanship toward Graves, who for religious reasons could not play the final Sunday. Boxer agreed to play early but fell 21-14,21-2.

Boxer won a tiebreaker in the semis over Texas A&M's Mark Munson 18-21,21-12, 11-3. Meanwhile, Graves defeated Jeremy Luna of SUNY-New Paltz 21-2,21-2.

"It was a great feeling to greet my coach and teammates after winning and seeing people I respect be proud of me," Graves said. "When I find a new interest, I give it my heart. I become very passionate about that thing, so I have a lot of hobbies. I play any sport, particularly soccer and wrestling."

Round of 16: Mark Munson (TAMU) d. Scott Clark (SNP) 2,4; Carter Kounovsky (LFC) d. Austin Downey (PU) 16, (17), 2; Ryan Boxer (MOST) d. Zhe Xu (UW) 16,15; Alex Grochowski (UWF) d. Michael Denney (UI) (19), 15,7; Nathaniel Curran (CAL) d. Ryan Foley (TAMU) 7,15; Andy Graves (USU) d. Teddy O'Brien (UW) 15,8; Filipe Costo (MSU) d. Kyle Leuenberger (CSM) (4), 13,5; Jeremy Luna (SNP) d. Cole Abrahamson (UW) 18,13.

Quarters: Munson d. Kounovsky 14,5; Boxer d. Grochowski 15,16; Graves d. Curran 12,15; Luna d. Costo 16,13.

Semis: Boxer d. Munson (18),12,3; Graves d. Luna 2,2.

Final: Graves d. Boxer 14,2.

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Author:McCurdy, Anna
Date:May 1, 2015
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