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It's Tax Time - Need Help with Your Household Employee Taxes?

ElderCarePay[TM] is the First Software Specifically Designed for Individuals Employing Household Nurses, Nurses' Aides & Other Caregivers

PHILADELPHIA -- Did you get your tax notice in the mail over the holiday season? If not, you will soon. How organized are you? Do you have a household employee, such as a nurse, nurses' aide or other caregivers to account for on your taxes this year?

Now is the time to try the special, free 30-day trial of ElderCarePay[TM], the new software product specifically designed for household employers of nurses, nurses' aides and other caregivers, available at

Both the household employer and their employees face a myriad of federal and state payroll tax issues. ElderCarePay was created by experts with first-hand experience in understanding and complying with the tax laws applicable to household employers and their employees.

As a household employer, you are responsible for paying half of Social Security and Medicare taxes. Federal and state unemployment insurance taxes are also paid by you, the employer. These taxes guarantee that your employee will receive unemployment benefits if needed in the future (if qualifications are met). There are also state specific taxes in a few states, such as disability insurance and employment training taxes. Your employee is also responsible for certain federal and state taxes. They must pay half of Social Security and Medicare, as well as federal and state income taxes. These taxes are withheld from gross wages each pay period and remitted to the tax agencies quarterly along with your employer taxes.

Designed for simple setup and use, ElderCarePay boasts robust payroll features that ease the burden for household employers of nurse, nurses' aides and other caregivers. ElderCarePay

* handles multiple employees, and prints a basic plain paper pay stub or payroll checks;

* calculates Federal and state payroll withholding taxes, and supports all 50 states;

* generates withholding and liability reports;

* prints Forms W-2 /W-3, and Schedule-H [Household Employment Taxes]; and

* Includes a comprehensive Employer's Guide, which outlines four easy steps to get users started on their way to tax compliance.

As an added convenience, ElderCarePay includes all relevant Internal Revenue Service forms, and an extensive reference source of state tax agencies.

Unlike competing payroll services or business payroll software (many of which cost as much as $500 or more per year), an annual subscription for ElderCarePay costs only $147.95 per year.

Included with an ElderCarePay purchase is access to all tax table and software updates for the full one-year subscription period.

A free 30-day trial of ElderCarePay is now available for download at

For those who find themselves too busy to set up their own household payroll system, ElderCarePay also offers a setup service. For a one-time fee of $99.95, ElderCarePay will configure the software for the household employer and one employee. Setup for each additional employee is a one-time charge of $50.00 each.

About ElderCarePay:

ElderCarePay[TM] is the first software product specifically designed for use by household employers of eldercare givers or providers. The product was created by the team at Essentia Software Corporation, innovators of solutions for the unique needs of employers of nannies, babysitters, care providers, eldercare givers, nurses, and other domestic help. The company and its acclaimed NannyPay[R] software program have been featured nationally on CNN and in a variety of business and financial magazines. Additional information about ElderCarePay is available at

NannyPay[R] and ElderCarePay[TM] are trademarks of Essentia Software Corporation.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 5, 2007
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