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Meet the Tory MP's ideal mistress - a woman guaranteed to set his heart beating faster.

After years of bed-hopping and sleaze in the Conservative Party, the Daily Mirror has built a composite picture of a cheating MP's dream woman.

Based on painstaking research, our fantasy mistress is an alluring combination of the party's most shameful acts of hypocrisy.

With such a wealth of evidence before us, only the most colourful and exotic made it into the frame.

Why have just one, when you could have a coven of sexy women? Energetic former defence minister Alan Clark set a precedent here by bedding three women in the same family - South African judge's wife Valerie Harkess, right, and daughters Alison and Josephine.

Valerie merits a place in our ideal coven, as does Margaret Thatcher. She's not everyone's idea of a beauty but she certainly has the Tories spellbound. They all loved her - then ended up shafting her.

Last but not least comes the lovely and aristocratic Jane Burgess, fresh from her romantic trip to France with "family man" Rupert Allason MP.

A Chelsea strip is de rigueur for the fashionable Tory mistress. Best worn on its own, or with high heels for special occasions.

Who can forget the image of David Mellor romping with actress mistress Antonia de Sancha in nothing but his blue shirt?

What could be more reassuring and reasonable than a woman who is fond of reading the Bible?

Sunday-school teacher Odette Nightingale, left, always carries the Lord's Book close to her heart.

Yet it was she who indulged in a three-in-a-bed romp with Richard Spring MP.

Ideal for sucking, as clearly favoured by the lovely former "Minister for Fun" David Mellor and his kiss-and-tell bed partner Antonia de Sancha.

There's more to a mistress than looks alone. Hartley Booth MP had an affair with his lithe, brainy young researcher Emily Barr (right) and bed-hopping Roads Minister Steven Morris also favoured well-educated women.

Upper-class music teacher Jane Burgess, 25, (above) is rarely seen without her violin case. We think it adds a touch of class, a hint of refinement, to our ideal Tory mistress.

Something for everyone here. Most cheating Tory MPs favour mistresses, but a few have been caught out with hunkier, hairier specimens.

Michael Brown MP was outed as gay in 1994 after newspaper stories claiming he had joined three-in-a-bed sex romps with two other men.

And David Ashby MP famously admitted sharing a hotel bed with "close friend" Dr Ciaran Kilduff.

Margaret Thatcher's ankles were an object of lust for the Tory faithful.

Grown men have waxed lyrical about her "delicate" and "erotic" ankles.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 10, 1996
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