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It's G'day for Century Importers after merger with Martlet Importing.

It's G'day for Century Importers after merger with Martlet Importing

Martlet Importing Co., Inc., and Century Importers will relocate and combine some business operations in the Northern Virginia area late in July or early August, adopting the name Molson Breweries USA, and garnering a 19.4 percent market share in the import segment, industry sources said last week. The move will result in the combination of some of the companies' service functions, but the sales divisions and separate wholesaler networks will remain intact. Sources, however, remained unaware of the reasoning behind the move to Virginia.

John Barnett, Molson Breweries of Canada, has been named president and chief executive officer of Molson Breweries USA, while Peter Fearon of Martlet Importing, and Robert Wilson, Century Importers, will serve as executive vice presidents of their respective divisions.

Also last week, Guinness Importing Co. announced the transfer of Foster's Lager to Molson USA effective April 1. Sources note that Foster's will be handled by the company's Century division, marking the second time Wilson has represented the brand. He previously worked with Foster's from 1980-83, while working with All Brand Importers, Inc.

In the last year, Century has also quietly added KB Lager, Reschs and Sheaf Stout from Australia and Caribe from the West Indies. Over several years Martlet has acquired New Zealand's Steinlager beer and Japan's Kirin beer.

The merger now gives Molson USA 22 brands and a major hold on the import segment. Martlet's portfolio includes the Molson product line, Brador, Steinlager and Kirin.

Century, boasting 15 brands, represents the O'Keefe line, Kronenbourg, Old Vienna Lager and Light, Cinci Cream, Beamish Irish Cream Stout and Calgary Amber Beer. Century also carries John Courage, Reschs, Sheaf Stout, KB Lager, Caribe and Foster's.

Molson Breweries USA will now account for 1.7 million barrels. Prior to the merger, Martlet reported U.S. imports at a volume of 1.2 million barrels, while Century notched approximately 500,000 barrels.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 19, 1990
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