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It's Capitalism, Stupid!

How is it that a bunch of guys, 75 percent of whom are black or minority, seem to think they have a right to insult the American flag just because they are paid millions of dollars to chase an inflated pigskin around in their "tighty-whities"? The reason they get to do this is the republic they live in, and the capitalism they seem to be criticizing.

Many of us who still rightfully feel some patriotism for our country, no matter its faults, are significantly offended. Should this continue, I will be discarding any sports paraphernalia I may have, and will no longer be buying any game tickets. Do you think I will be alone? I seriously doubt it.

William F. Hineser, DPM

Arvada, Colorado

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Author:Hineser, William F.
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 20, 2017
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