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It's A Breeze: XML Studio Release 2.2.

The Breeze Factor, LLC released the latest version of its XML data binding product, Breeze XML Studio. Release 2.2 adds XML structure display, code generation and performance enhancements, Breeze XML Studio ("Breeze") converts XML structure to Java classes in a process called data binding. The new version provides a more detailed view of the actual document type definition (DTD) structure giving the user a more complete view of the constructs specified by the DTD. With the associated editing functions of the visual environment, the user can edit default values, add typing information and add constraints that will be validated in the generated code. Release 2.2 also includes advanced code generation techniques for handling complicated content models, including nested choices and sequences. Breeze XML Studio 2.2 now incorporates a SAX 2 compliant parser within its runtime framework, which provides more robust and higher performance XML and DTD parsing for both the Studio and the toolkits.
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Date:Mar 1, 2001
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