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Istiqlal Party calls for civil disobedience.

The Istiqlal Party, affiliated with the anti-coup alliance, called in a statement on Thursday for "a civil disobedience as a way to bring down the coup".

The party condemned Egyptian authorities for "judiciary rulings that are outside the scope of law", in reference to the recent mass death sentences handed out by an Egyptian court.

The statement added that authorities are pushing youth into "a circle of hellish violence so that it could continue justifying its oppressive authority".

A civil disobedience, the group said, should be gradual and citizens would show authorities they refuse to obey. This should lead to its "paralysis", and thus "the people can then begin to depend on themselves".

The party went on to say that the civil disobedience should result in a "national elected assembly" that has sovereignty over a transitional period.

All local institutions, including the judiciary, the police, and the military cannot supervise such elections because they are part of the "counter-revolution", the group said. It added that in this case, "an independent international institution" can overlook the process.

The statement added another list of suggestions that included that the "legitimate, elected president" announce a call to the Egyptian people vote for an assembly that should take over executive, judicial, and legislative authority.

The assembly is to include 500 constituents, the military is to stay away from politics, the police and judiciary institutions are to rebuilt, elections are to transparent, and all revolutionary forces should announce their acceptance of the election's results.

A Cairo Court ordered that the Istiqlal Party be dissolved last November, and rejected the appeal made by the party lawyers.

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Publication:Daily News Egypt (Egypt)
Date:May 29, 2015
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