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Issues then, issues now.

Here's a question about Jim Rubens, the man of the one thousand political faces. (OK, maybe not that many, but it sure can seem like that sometimes.)

You may remember that JR, the GOPer who wants to replace Kelly Ayotte in the Senate, long ago revived his political career by signing up with the organization Union of Concerned Scientists to push for a whole range of environmental issues--including tackling climate change.

Then there were his long, high-profile, and successful, campaigns against legalizing casino gambling in NH.

Now, the question: Considering climate change and casino gambling were about as high on JR's agenda as any other issues, why has he become one of the most devoted supporters of Donald Trump nee Drumpf - a man who actively and proudly denies climate change and has made much of his supposed fortune on building and operating casinos?

Just asking.

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Title Annotation:FLOTSAM & JETSAM
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Date:Aug 19, 2016
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