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Israeli Technology to Protect Germany's New Transport Planes.


Haifa-based Elbit Systems Ltd. will equip Germany's new Airbus A400 fleet with Israeli laser-based technology to counter the threat of shoulder missiles, the Israeli defense company said in a press release.

Elbit said it had been awarded a contract to install its "J-MUSIC multi-spectral Directed Infrared Counter Measure (DIRCM) systems for the first phase of the German air force's self-protection program." The project, which will span a 12-month period, is part of a joint endeavor with the German corporation Diehl Defense.

"Designed to protect large military and commercial aircraft against attacks by ground to air heat-seeking man-portable missiles (MANPADS), the J-MUSIC systems will be integrated into a multi-turret DIRCM system, ensuring 360-degree protection of the aircraft," Elbit said, noting that it has "completed extensive testing of the J-MUSIC system and has already delivered systems to equip several types of aircraft to various customers."

The project, known in Germany as Project Flash, was launched in mid-October, when the German government partnered with Diehl and tasked the Uberlingen- based company with protecting its new transport planes. According to Diehl's website, the J-MUSIC system "has already been qualified for operation in aircraft" in Israel.

"Cooperation between Diehl and Elbit Systems Ltd. offers the Bundeswehr [the German armed forces] the best possible, operational DIRCM solution. Both partners are collaborating on the refinement of DIRCM systems in order to be able to address future threats as well," the German corporation said in a statement.

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Date:Nov 20, 2014
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