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Israeli Public School Graduates Ignorant of Judaism.


Dr. Tzvi Zameret, former chairman of the pedagogic secretariat in the Education Ministry and author of the Shenhar Committee report in the early 1990s which dealt with Jewish studies in state schools and who served as a committee member, warns about the deterioration of Jewish studies in state schools.

"Today, young people do not know what Kaddish is, what is the Amidah prayer, and a whole host of other basic things. I'm not a Jew who observes Shabbat, but as a graduate of the Hebrew school, part of my literary studies was the Amidah," Zameret told Arutz Sheva.

Zameret noted that since the 1990s, dozens of hours of Judaism and tradition have been cut in state schools. "Once, they studied more Judaism, there were four hours of Jewish history and today there are only two hours. There were four hours of Bible and today only two hours. There were four hours of Hebrew literature and today there are only two hours.

Zameret calls for an investigation of what has happened to the Israeli education system over the decades. "I suggest comparing public education graduates until the 1990s with the knowledge that today's graduates have. For years I ran high schools and I know things from the field and not just from academia. At the time of Minister Bennett, there was another cut in Jewish history study hours. I was responsible for these subjects and I was in weekly contact with the people there."

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Jul 4, 2017
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