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Israel Isn't Jewish Disneyland. Parents Need To Tell Their Kids About the Occupation, Too.

For the past three summers, my husband and I have brought students to Israel from Ohio University, where he teaches English and I'm the director of the campus Hillel. Each year we bring our two children as well: Zev, 9, and Ruthie, 6. While my husband teaches at Tel Aviv University, the kids and I visit the beaches almost every day, a welcome change from the activities available to us in Athens, in the remote hills of southeastern Ohio, where we live the rest of the year. Sometimes we opt for north Tel Aviv, where the water is as calm as a lake and the children can drift out almost beyond sight; other days we head south with our boogie boards to the likes of Gordon or Frishman, eager to get pummeled by the waves and to challenge the lifeguards' helicopter parenting.

This is our life for five weeks every summer. We rarely leave Tel Aviv, and if we do, it's for a day trip to Jerusalem. Concentrated time and space in the Basel neighborhood, renting the same apartment each summer, is intentional. We arrange our lives as we do in Athens: The kids share a bedroom, we know our neighbors, we visit the same supermarket every few days. It's not just that we love Israel. It's that we want our children to see this land as their home. We want our children to grow up feeling this land is an extension of themselves.

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Author:Leshaw, Danielle
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Date:Oct 24, 2012
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