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More far-right extremists referred to UK counter-radicalization program than Islamists. Arab News Nov 18, 2021 470
Man and lover 'sentenced to death for adultery after father-in-law insists on execution'; Under Iran's form of Sharia Law adultery is punishable by stoning -though a 2013 modification allows judges to order different forms of execution, usually hanging. By, Ryan Fahey Nov 6, 2021 401
Taliban 'have a 'kill list' of gay people in Afghanistan 'forcing many to hide'; Kimahliu Powell, from Rainbow Railroad, the only international LGBT+ organisation on the ground in the Afghanistan, said it's a 'scary' time to be in the country. By, Lorraine King Nov 4, 2021 637
OP-ED: The twilight of Islamists? Oct 31, 2021 956
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 418
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 414
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Radical Islam party stops march on city. Oct 25, 2021 421
Boko Haram install sharia law in Niger state, Fixes Marital Age For Girls At 12 Years. Oct 5, 2021 407
Taliban should not mistreat Sharia law, Qatar is good example of Islamic country: Al-Thani. Oct 1, 2021 233
Turkey: tip of an iceberg of discontent. Oct 1, 2021 1124
Religious Tolerance and Cultural Dynamics in Oman. Jarry, Frederic Oct 1, 2021 856
Amnesty. Sep 19, 2021 385
We will establish potent ; effective administration for women: Mujahid. Sep 19, 2021 198
PAF and the Afghan War - II. Shahzad Chaudhry Sep 17, 2021 1117
Voices for Sharia law to be raised in Pak soon, says Rehman Malik. Sep 15, 2021 649
Search for powerful ideas that work. Sep 13, 2021 1001
Taliban minister says women can attend university, but not alongside men. Sep 13, 2021 837
Why Taliban rise may be China's opportunity. Sep 12, 2021 1107
Corrupt individuals to be dealt with Sharia law: Mayor. Abdul Raqeeb Sail Aug 30, 2021 464
Afghanistan crisis changes nothing for Taiwan. Aug 21, 2021 1051
Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan Indicates Global Advance Of Radical Islam - Fani Kayode. Aug 21, 2021 393
Horrifying ways the Taliban treat women -including executions for tight clothes; The Islamist group have now regained power in Afghanistan, leaving many fearing they could re-introduce barbaric rules for women and girls. They tend to adopt a very strict interpretation of Sharia law, which has led to the historic oppression of women in the country. By, Lucy Aplin & Abigail O'Leary Aug 18, 2021 429
Blood on Biden's hands; THE FALL OF KABUL: HOW W THE WEST LOST THE PEACE The catastrophic blunders that led to the crisis.. and the options left to the humiliated allies. CHRIS HUGHES Aug 17, 2021 1199
Blood on Biden's hands; THE FALL OF KABUL: HOW W THE WEST LOST THE PEACE The catastrophic blunders that led to the crisis.. and the options left to the humiliated allies. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Aug 17, 2021 1212
Fundamentalists ruling the roost; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Aug 17, 2021 191
What is Sharia Law? Taliban admits possible return to amputations in Afghanistan; As the Taliban refuse to rule out barbaric punishments including stonings, amputations and public executions, we consider the meaning of Sharia law internationally and in Afghanistan. By, Lucy Aplin Aug 16, 2021 513
Taliban won't rule out stonings and public executions in return of Sharia law; A Taliban spokesman refused to dismiss a return to barbaric punishments such as stonings, amputations and public executions as Afghanistan is on the brink of collapse. By, Chris Kitching & Pippa Crerar Aug 15, 2021 691
Women and girls forced to be sex slaves for Taliban; Afghans fleeing amid surge. TIM HANLON Aug 13, 2021 387
Khilafat Movement in Sub-Continent: A Shade of Pan-Islamism. Muhammad Shamshad and Abdur Rehman Jun 12, 2021 4616
Catholic Bishops Want Sharia Law Removed From 1999 Constitution. Jun 11, 2021 739
Constitutional Review: Disquiet Over Alleged Moves To Introduce Sharia Law In South West? Jun 6, 2021 2332
RADIK?L V Ä?ESK?? ME? ITÄ?: Koncept d??ih??du mečem pohledem p??edstavitel?? česk??ch muslim??/CALLS FOR JIHAD IN A CZECH MOSQUE: Muslim Community Leader's Perspectives on Jihad. Cerny, Karel; Stehlikova, Jirina Report Jun 1, 2021 9426
Nigerians Reject Proposal To Implement Sharia Law Implement In S'West. May 27, 2021 539
French minister: Muslims are the main victims of radical Islam. Lila Schoepf May 4, 2021 882
Getting COVID-19 vaccine shot allowed under Sharia law: Tahir Ashrafi. Mar 23, 2021 350
Bauchi State enforce Sharia law by confiscating alcoholic drinks from hotels, nightclubs. Feb 11, 2021 214
BRICKBATS. Oliver, Charles Jan 1, 2021 570
SOCIO-POLITICAL ISLAM & REVIVALISM IN MALAYSIA. Ebrahimi, Mansoureh; Yusoff, Kamaruzaman Dec 22, 2020 5930
US envoy airs concerns as France targets radical Islam. Dec 9, 2020 529
Marginalization blights lives of French people of Arab origin: Survey. Arab News en Francais Nov 30, 2020 928
The Root of Taliban's Ideology. Nov 22, 2020 872
French PM vows to fight radical Islam in tribute to attack victims. Reuters News Service Nov 7, 2020 236
Culture of Da'wah: Islamic Preaching in the Modern World. Book review Nov 1, 2020 151
AFP Chief explains remarks on Islamic schools. Oct 23, 2020 524
France honors beheaded teacher as Macron ramps up anti-extremism campaign. Oct 21, 2020 747
Team of rivals. Oct 20, 2020 938
Islam, Immigrants, and the Angry Young Man: Laurent Cantet and the "limits of fabricated realism". Toohey, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2020 13678
The Politicization of Rape as a Consequence of Western Modernity and Religious Conservatism: Competing Media Narratives on Gender. Algan, Ece Oct 1, 2020 8982
ISIS take over paradise islands burning down hotels and imposing Sharia Law; Islamic State linked insurgents burned down hotels and imposed Sharia Law on Vamizi and Mecungo in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, which are favoured by movie stars. By, Milo Boyd Sep 18, 2020 281
Sharia Law halt Western Ideologies in Northern Nigeria as Hisbah sect arrests 2 in Jigawa state over alleged homosexual act. Sep 2, 2020 296
Europe warned of Muslim Brotherhood's 'divisive,' 'dangerous' influence. Francesco Bongarra Aug 30, 2020 1465
Muslim Women's Right to Divorce and Gender Equality Issues in Bangladesh: A Proposal for Review of Current Laws. Patwari, Shahnewaj; Ali, Abu Noman Mohammad Atahar Report Aug 1, 2020 18606
The ghost of 370. May 30, 2020 1325
Mubarak, Egypt's autocrat ousted in uprising, dies at 91. SAMY MAGDY Associated Press Feb 26, 2020 1439
Liberal Churches Condemn Israel as Radical Islam Assaults Christianity. Feb 21, 2020 1070
Is the threat returning? Feb 7, 2020 411
Keeping jihadis locked up for longer isn't the whole solution. COMMENT BY RASHAD ALI, INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC DIALOGUE Feb 4, 2020 387
Keeping jihadis locked up for longer isn't the whole solution. COMMENT BY RASHAD ALI, INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC DIALOGUE Feb 4, 2020 387
Sudan walks tightrope between competing power bases. Collins, Tom Cover story Feb 1, 2020 1463
Turkey's Hegemonic Bet: Neo-Ottomanism with Pan-Islamist Face. Jan 7, 2020 2994
The Paradox of Inclusion/Exclusion of Islamist Parties in Tunisia and Jordan after the Arab Uprisings: A Comparative Study. Koprulu, Nur Report Jan 1, 2020 9298
The Expansion of Prevent: On the Politics of Legibility, Opacity and Decolonial Critique. Cruickshank, Justin Jan 1, 2020 8672
Sharia Law: Nigeria Needs Restructuring Not Constitution Amendment, Ohanaeze Replies CJN. Dec 14, 2019 264
We cannot afford to be timid about calling out radical Islam. Alan Mendoza Dec 5, 2019 846
Commission for Countering Extremism publishes four further academic papers on extremism. Oct 7, 2019 540
Samuel Gregg's Struggle for the West: A new book argues that the West built its civilization on a reasonable faith. Will modern pathologies, from Marxism to radical Islam, destroy it? Slade, Stephanie Sep 22, 2019 3967
Six women and men flogged for 'having sex outside of marriage' in Indonesia; Amnesty International is calling for an end to the practice of caning in Aceh, Indonesia, where Sharia Law is enforced. Matthew Dresch Sep 20, 2019 391
$1bn pledged by West African leaders to fight jihadism. Sep 19, 2019 1242
Muslim in Virginia Assembly asked how he will impose Sharia law. Sep 6, 2019 394
Secularism and Islamism: Two contending ideologies. Sep 4, 2019 1116
ISIS and Al Qaeda building deep state in Maldives: Former President Nasheed. Sep 4, 2019 492
Why Qatari support for political Islamism is a menace. Aug 10, 2019 1088
Senior Tories demand PM Boris tackles Islamophobia with independent inquiry; A recent poll found nearly half of Tory party members would prefer not to have a Muslim PM, while more than two-thirds wrongly believe parts of the UK are under Sharia law. Jul 28, 2019 865
Radical Islam's growing threat in PH. Jul 28, 2019 781
Rise of Islamism as Political Speculation: Turkey in Chronological Perception. Gul-e-Zahra and Mughees Ahmad Chronology Jun 30, 2019 4887
FORBIDDEN LOVE: The lesbians of Brunei struggle under Sharia law. Govan, Chloe Jun 22, 2019 1611
Erstwhile IS-held Butig raises Philippine flag in peace. Jun 12, 2019 561
Islamic Banking already in Uganda, says Kasaija. Jun 6, 2019 506
UAE takes on radical Islam through Syrian soaps. May 22, 2019 676
Jihadist outfit Jama'at al Muslimin spreading wings in Britain and Bangladesh. May 22, 2019 667
Britain may turn into the next ISIS Caliphate. May 21, 2019 1217
Sudan's military council says wants to keep Sharia law as the basis of legislation. May 7, 2019 112
Brunei ABANDONS plans to stone gay people to death after international outcry; The global backlash against plans to introduce Sharia Law death penalty for gay sex has forced the Sultan of Brunei into a dramatic u-turn. May 6, 2019 605
Now wealthy Muslims join jihad. May 2, 2019 1658
The Rise of Spain's Pro-Israel, Far-Right Party. Baer, Alejandro May 2, 2019 504
Sri Lanka: Attack of Radical Islam Indonesia's Elections: Muslim Resurgence? India's Elections: Rise of Hinduism? May 1, 2019 1646
Emergence of a newer segment of jihadists. May 1, 2019 1257
Sharia law plunges Brunei gay community into fear. Apr 8, 2019 699
Iran goes nationalist as Islamism declines. Apr 5, 2019 816
Militant Islam in Southeast Asia: New Insights into Jihad in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Schulze, Kirsten E.; Hwang, Julie Chernov Apr 1, 2019 5123
Cells, Factions and Suicide Operatives: The Fragmentation of Militant Islamism in the Philippines Post-Marawi. Temby, Quinton Apr 1, 2019 8859
The Education of International Relations in Turkey and Orientalism: A Critical Pedagogical Approach to the Discipline/ Turkiye'de Uluslararasi Iliskiler Egitimi ve Oryantalizm: Disipline Elestirel Pedagojik Bir Bakis. Ongur, Hakan Ovunc; Gurbuz, Selman Emre Report Mar 22, 2019 6864
Iranian Revolution 1979: The Islamic Democratization of State. Feb 14, 2019 1203
Islamism in the Modern World: A Historical Approach. Book review Feb 1, 2019 112
'Far right ideologies overtaking the West'. Dec 9, 2018 630
Bulgarian Minister of Defence: Four Countries Fund Radical Islam in Bulgaria. Dec 3, 2018 240
Actress is facing trial; AROUND THE WORLD. Dec 2, 2018 101
The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: The Democratic Option of Islamism. Filipau, Aliaksandr Book review Dec 1, 2018 1714
Protesting Sharia Law, Saudi Women Wear Abayas Inside Out. Nov 20, 2018 392
Muslims must speak out against Islamism. Oct 20, 2018 284
THE SPECTER OF ISLAMOPHOBIA. Chamorel, Patrick Book review Sep 22, 2018 2371
Iran's Chameleon Splinter Group: The MEK's Will to Power. Sep 19, 2018 1861
LGBT-friendly Berlin mosque deradicalises Muslim youth. Sep 12, 2018 1017
Women 'who tried to have lesbian sex in car' CANED under Malaysia's strict sharia law; About 100 people looked on as the women, aged 22 and 32, were lashed six times each at a Sharia High Court. Sep 3, 2018 773
Opinion split on Annan the secular pope or indecisive leader. Reprint Aug 19, 2018 1856
Islamism in Naya/Purana Pakistan. Aug 8, 2018 923
Indonesian Sufism rejects radical Islam. Aug 2, 2018 821
A DISSENTIC SPACE FOR THE COSMOPOLITAN AND THE TERRORIST. Murphy, Michael Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 8885
Islamism: What it Means for the Middle East and the World. Cesari, Jocelyne Book review Jun 22, 2018 606
Erbakan, Kisakurek, and the Mainstreaming of Extremism in Turkey. Cornell, Svante E. Jun 1, 2018 11140
Dog walking in Tehran has major hazards. May 25, 2018 391
Mayor of French 'Jihadi capital' calls on the state to stop Islamism from flourishing. Apr 30, 2018 510
Southeast Asia faces threats from IS, cyberattacks, trade war. Apr 29, 2018 568
Mindanao residents urged to intensify support for BBL. Apr 12, 2018 911
Political sources of militancy. Apr 8, 2018 890
The Islamic State's Lingering Legacy among Young Men from the Mosul Area. Atran, Scott; Waziri, Hoshang; Gomez, Angel; Sheikh, Hammad; Lopez-Rodriguez, Lucia; Rogan, Charles; Apr 1, 2018 6219
SC rejects Lal Masjid cleric's plea seeking imposition of Sharia law. Mar 5, 2018 445
CJP rejects plea of Lal Masjid's cleric seeking imposition of Sharia Law. Mar 5, 2018 400
Sharia Law sought as guide for proposed Bangsamoro state. Mar 2, 2018 673
Gain Peace hosts 'Sharia Law: Myths, facts'. Feb 23, 2018 198
Malaysia holds Filipinos seeking to set up extremist cell. Feb 21, 2018 378
Sharia law councils discriminate against women, report suggests. Feb 8, 2018 387
'Enforce Sharia law within seven days', Sialvi gives deadline to Punjab govt. Jan 21, 2018 377
Netanyahu: Israel, India Both Face Threat from Radical Islam. Jan 17, 2018 369
A Troubling Scenario for Kazakhstan. Stronski, Paul Essay Jan 1, 2018 4289
The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War against Radical Islam and Its Allies. Burbach, David T. Book review Jan 1, 2018 1032
La yihad sunita del Estado Islamico y Al-Qaeda: islamismo, antiimperialismo... ?y nihilismo politico-mesianico?/The Sunni Jihad of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda: Islamism, anti-imperialism... and political-messianic nihilism? Ortiz, Cristobal; Caro, Isaac Jan 1, 2018 10975
New racism, Islamic fundamentalism and the strengthening of the right in the western world/Novo racismo, fundamentalismo islamico e o fortalecimento das direitas no mundo ocidental. de Alencar Araripe Magalhaes, Atila; Lima, Renata Albuquerque; Siqueira, Natercia Sampaio Jan 1, 2018 5350
Footprints: MUSIC RETURNS TO THE VALLEY. Dec 22, 2017 732
UK clerics teach the same brand of Islamism as taught in Pakistan, says leading U.S. Think tank. Dec 12, 2017 509
GOP rapped for raising Sharia law. Dec 8, 2017 149
Parliament to Discuss Measures Against Radical Islam. Dec 6, 2017 122
IQBAL: Nationalism, Islamism and Muslim Nationalism. Nov 29, 2017 2909
The Cold War-era Origins of Islamism in Turkey and its Rise to Power. Ozkan, Behlul Nov 1, 2017 7013
DailyMail: Bulgaria Deputy PM Wants New Laws to Stifle Radical Islam. Oct 20, 2017 326
A Broad-Format Meeting is Underway in Sofia Discussing Measures Against Radical Islam. Oct 19, 2017 239
Radical Islam in Europe and the Siren Song of Multiculturalism: Problems with multiculturalism, especially those caused directly or indirectly by Islamic jihadism and immigration, with a focus on the situation in Europe. Barrigar, Robert H. Sep 22, 2017 4368
Another Murder. Sep 13, 2017 1019
Netanyahu: We Will Never Abandon Any Part of Samaria to Radical Islam. Aug 29, 2017 402
Trump reiterates strong stance against 'radical Islam terrorism'. Aug 18, 2017 274
Russia's global anti-libertarian crusade: how Vladimir Putin's desire for domination and acceptance is scrambling American politics. Aug 1, 2017 4317
India, Israel face threat from radical Islamism: BESA Center professor. Jul 5, 2017 521
Zarqawi's Islamic Indoctrination - His Brand of Neo-Salafism & Terror Strategy. Jun 26, 2017 863
From IS to the MB: playback to the origins of radical Islam. Jun 2, 2017 1970
UKIP vows crackdown on schools extremism. May 27, 2017 376
PM 'must bear some of the for Manchester bombing', responsibility claims Ukip. May 26, 2017 718
Nuttall: It's not our way to turn a blind eye; ukip puts manchester at heart of its election manifesto. May 26, 2017 578
Georgetown professor explores Islamism and Nationalism in the Middle East. May 16, 2017 363
Arabs Quip 'At Least You Have a Democracy' As French Anxiously Elect President. May 7, 2017 700
Taliban Captures Strategic District in Northern Afghanistan. May 6, 2017 132
As a fundamentalist christian, am I safe from Muslims? Shapiro, Rabbi Rami May 1, 2017 1103
Ukip wants ban on women's full-face veils and Sharia law. Apr 24, 2017 328
Sharia law fear rises again--Montana is 10th state to pass a law against it. Apr 7, 2017 1484
Some in Canada now see a threat from Sharia law. Apr 7, 2017 609
Russian metro blast suspect a Kyrgyz linked to radical Islam. Apr 5, 2017 579
French Election Candidates Clash Over Burkini Ban At Presidential Debate. Mar 21, 2017 475
Montana Advances 'Anti-Sharia Law' Bill. Mar 14, 2017 498
Mounting resistance: Nasser Rabbat on new art in Beirut. Rabbat, Nasser Essay Mar 1, 2017 3061
White Nationalists Celebrate Trump Radical Islam Reclassification. Feb 4, 2017 691
Anti-Extremism Program To Focus On Radical Islam. Feb 2, 2017 377
EU Chief Includes Trump As Potential Threat To Europe. Jan 31, 2017 566
Islamist views on foreign policy: Examples of Turkish Pan-Islamism in the writings of Sezai Karakoc and Necmettin Erbakan. Calabro, Alessio Essay Jan 1, 2017 10601
Weaponizing refugees. Weinthal, Benjamin Jan 1, 2017 1793
Ideology and foreign policy: a comparative analysis of Kemalist (1930-1939) and Islamist (2011-2015) foreign policies in Turkey/Ideoloji ve dis politika: Turkiye'de Kemalist (1930-1939) ve Islamci (2011-2015) dis politikalarin karsilastirmali bir analizi. Kilinc, Ramazan Report Dec 22, 2016 10446
Merkel plays burqa card in election--and Sharia law threat. Dec 16, 2016 909
Indian Secularism: Rebuilding Babri Mosque. Dec 10, 2016 5825
The year in shock. Molesworth, Helen; Ali, Tariq; Brown, Wendy Dec 1, 2016 5176
Part II: Could integration prevent radicalisation of Muslim youth? Nov 16, 2016 1242
Here's Trump's Plan For Defeating ISIS. Nov 9, 2016 454
Saudi Prince Punished With Lashings Under Sharia Law. Nov 4, 2016 731
Anti-Semitism was required, Anti-Islamism is verboten. Oct 21, 2016 105
Radical Islam Witnesses in Bulgaria's Pazardzhik Withdraw Statements. Oct 6, 2016 144
Netanyahu: Israel is Europe's Partner in War Against Radical Islam. Sep 8, 2016 430
Empire, technology and Filipinizing the world. Sep 8, 2016 1011
Islamic hate speeches still posted online; SUNDAY SHORTS. Aug 21, 2016 130
Trump Vows to Fight Terrorism with 'Our Greatest Ally Israel'. Aug 17, 2016 517
Trump vows to work with King Abdullah, Al-Sisi, Putin to fight IS. Aug 16, 2016 646
Islamic State names new leader of Nigeria's Boko Haram. Aug 3, 2016 415
The islamic renewal. Jul 26, 2016 945
Sharia Law, Explained. Jul 15, 2016 564
Is This The End Of ISIS? Jul 13, 2016 501
BOOK REVIEW - Bassam Tibi, Political Islam, World Politics and Europe from Jihadist to Institutional Islamism, New York: Routledge, 2014. Jun 30, 2016 839
Cruz Chairs Senate Hearing On 'Radical Islam'. Jun 29, 2016 344
Bulgaria Moves to Punish Preaching of Radical Islam by Imprisonment. Jun 23, 2016 254
Radical Islamism, Postmodernism, and the Threat of Moral Murkiness. Leibovitz, Liel Jun 17, 2016 138
Radical Islam Not Behind Most Mass US Shootings, Says Report. Jun 13, 2016 354
7 viral tweets about the Orlando shooting that are actually intelligent and reasonable. Jun 13, 2016 538
UAE judge: 'Don't confess or get hands cut off'. Jun 12, 2016 389
Iraq's Move On ISIS In Falluja Turns Into 'Iran Tricks Against Sadr & The Syrian Arabs'. May 30, 2016 960
Sharia law 'harm' study. May 27, 2016 115
Inquiry into Sharia law. May 27, 2016 112
Syria Between Qaeda 'Emirate', IRGC & ISIS 'Caliphate' - Political Islam Is Falling. May 23, 2016 967
Two religions in tension: wars, extremism fray Christian-Muslim relations in Middle East. Herlinger, Chris May 20, 2016 2366
Bangladesh's Accommodation Of Extremism Spells Danger For The Region. May 17, 2016 1450
Bangladesh's Descent Into Lawlessness. May 11, 2016 405
What You Need To Know About Growing Extremist Violence In Bangladesh. Brief article Apr 29, 2016 171
Forget Sharia law, now it's Muslim cemeteries that are to be feared! Apr 29, 2016 825
Rahi from Brussles tackles consequences of Middle East conflict on Christians. Apr 28, 2016 208
Minneapolis said to have no-go zone where Sharia law rules! Apr 22, 2016 377
1 in 4 British Muslims back Sharia law here. Apr 11, 2016 121
Islamism and its inclinations. Smalls, Michael Book review Mar 22, 2016 873
State-building: Americas foreign policy challenge. Sullivan, Charles J. Mar 22, 2016 8614
LIBYA - Mar 13 - Libya Unity Government Takes Office Despite Lack Of Parliamentary Approval. Mar 19, 2016 253
LIBYA - Mar 11 - New Daesh Leader In Libya: Group 'Stronger Every Day'. Mar 12, 2016 413
IRAN - Feb 22 - Iran Moderates Could Influence Choice Of Next Leader. Feb 27, 2016 841
SC rejects Abdul Aziz's petition to impose Sharia law in the country. Feb 19, 2016 177
Political Islam has seen revival in Turkey. Feb 1, 2016 629
Crack down on Sharia law; Letters. Letter to the editor Jan 30, 2016 150
Islamic Scholars Condemn Taliban In Afghanistan. Jan 22, 2016 376
Terrorism is the symptom, ideology the disease. Bolton, John R. Jan 15, 2016 789
The Safawi Extremists - IRGC. Jan 11, 2016 1029
Anti-Radicalization Policy Questioned. Jan 7, 2016 1340
Multilevel analysis of state variations in women's participation in household decision-making in Nigeria. Lamidi, Esther O. Report Jan 1, 2016 7496
Gangsta Jihad. Bacevich, Andrew J. Jan 1, 2016 1730
Prelate calls for troops in Iraq. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 172
US bears blame for rise of Islamic State. Zunes, Stephen Jan 1, 2016 1081
Empowering Pakistan's civil society to counter violent extremism. Mirahmadi, Hedieh; Ziad, Waleed; Farooq, Mehreen; Lamb, Robert Report Jan 1, 2016 10355
The Spread Of Wahhabism And The West's Responsibility To The World. Brief article Dec 28, 2015 240
Why radical Islamic terrorism has mystical powers. Dec 21, 2015 820
Arab-Iran Confrontation Is Seen As Saudis Lead An 'Islamic Coalition Against Terrorism'. Dec 21, 2015 1968
Muslims in Congress called un-American by congressman. Dec 18, 2015 667
Islamophobia and violence. Dec 13, 2015 705
Journos not to blame for radical Islam. Dec 11, 2015 129
New Spotlight On US Efforts To Counter Radical Islam. Dec 8, 2015 979
Gauging The ISIS Threat In Indonesia. Reprint Dec 2, 2015 1265
Western societies, cultural relativism, anti-Zionism and the politics of history. Benl, Andreas Essay Dec 1, 2015 5848
Antisemitism of the Ayatollahs: Holocaust denial and hatred of israel in Khamenei's and Rouhani's Iran. Grigat, Stephan Essay Dec 1, 2015 8307
ISIL has to do with fundamentalist Islam. Nov 23, 2015 685
Attacks in France since Charlie Hebdo slayings. Nov 14, 2015 507
John Kerry In First Meeting With Autocratic Uzbek Leader. Nov 1, 2015 570
Meeting the Ideological Challenge of Islamism. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 155
Jumblatt: Countering ISIL's Islamism by identical Christianism is impossible. Oct 24, 2015 185
Documentary probes roots of Islamism. Oct 10, 2015 106
Some fearing Daesh might strike Shias at hajj this year. Sep 18, 2015 735
ISRAEL - Sep 11 - Netanyahu Seeks UK Support Against 'Militant Islam'. Sep 12, 2015 266
Who will take care of your kids? Sep 6, 2015 641
Why was I mistaken about political Islamism? Aug 22, 2015 793
Fertile ground for Boko Haram in Cameroon's extreme northern region. Aug 18, 2015 1128
The world according to ISIS; Redrawn map reveals Islamic State's blueprint to take over TERROR FORCE'S DOMINATION PLAN. Aug 9, 2015 718
The world according to ISIS; TERROR FORCE'S DOMINATION PLAN; Redrawn map reveals Islamic State's blueprint to take over. Aug 9, 2015 717
Extremists attack free speech. Aug 8, 2015 891
Bishop condemns suicide blast. Brief article Jul 31, 2015 145
Britain calls to integrate faiths. Brief article Jul 31, 2015 177
Sharia law: Shopping centre bosses 'urgently' trying to remove racist message on food court Facebook page; The message is emblazoned on a yellow warning sign which pops up whenever anyone checks in on a page on the social media site. Jul 29, 2015 220
Mich, city approves headscarf--albeit not Sharia law yet. Jul 17, 2015 838
Was the AK Party Islamist? Jul 7, 2015 653
Saudi Arabia rejects any interference in its internal affairs while it respects international charters not contradicting Islamic Sharia law. Jun 22, 2015 355
The postsecular republic: Turkey's experiments with Islamism. Alvi, Hayat Jun 22, 2015 7798
Types of religious identities within Romanian Muslim communities. Alak, Alina Isac Report Jun 22, 2015 10232
Bishops: Congo faces genocide. Brief article Jun 19, 2015 164
On social media, a mysterious threat to impose Sharia Law in one area of Jordan's capital Amman. Jun 11, 2015 303
Turkey: tip of an iceberg of discontent. Malik, Kenan Jun 1, 2015 1121
Will there be a rise in radical Islamism? May 26, 2015 721
Rajavi testifies to house subcommittee; calls for 'regime change' in Iran. May 8, 2015 781
THE GREAT DIVIDE. May 3, 2015 759
Kurdistan Region's Enemy Number One - Radical Islam. Apr 27, 2015 550
Iran's Ties To Sunni Movements. Brief article Apr 20, 2015 136
Grand Mufti heads to Europe in efforts to combat radical Islam. Apr 19, 2015 427
Fear of Sharia law threat seen in Idaho. Apr 17, 2015 505
Malaysia passes terrorism law, raising rights fears. Apr 7, 2015 468
Lessons from history. Siebert, John Mar 22, 2015 1851
Netanyahu disparages Islamic Rep. Mar 6, 2015 449
An anti-ISIS ideological war requires sophistication. Mar 2, 2015 860
Is Islam violent? The answer isn't as simple as many think. Rowe, Timothy Column Mar 1, 2015 998
When humanism is attacked, have courage. Werner, Michael Column Mar 1, 2015 798
Why The West Is Losing The Battle Against Radical Islam. Feb 26, 2015 1504
Islamism in Morocco - a Sign of Maturing Democracy - Malika Layadi. Feb 21, 2015 476
Islam And The West At War. Brief article Feb 17, 2015 238
Does Talking About 'Islamism' Make Us 'Islamophobic'? Berman, Paul Feb 12, 2015 345
A dangerous demagogue. Feb 9, 2015 711
To question well: asking and listening is a great way to have a conversation. Harris, David Editorial Feb 1, 2015 510
Sudan's Security Services raid and order closure of Mahmoud Mohamed Taha Cultural Centre. Jan 24, 2015 806
Fear of radical Islam. Jan 20, 2015 684
In NYT Op-Ed, Le Pen Argues for Harder Line on Islamic Fundamentalism. Schulson, Michael Jan 20, 2015 101
The war with radical Islam rages. Jan 18, 2015 233
Netanyahu in Paris: Our Common Enemy is Radical Islam. Jan 12, 2015 1342
War declared on 'radical Islam,' French PM says; More troops to fill Paris streets; security on high alert before rally. Bilefsky, Dan; De la Baume, MaïA Jan 11, 2015 1172
SYRIA - Jan 08-Government Says Paris Attack Underlines Threat Of Radical Islamism. Jan 10, 2015 396
Syria says Paris attack underlines threat of radical Islamism. Jan 8, 2015 416
Why Islamophobes love Erdoy-an and AKP. Jan 3, 2015 699
Radicalised? Scott Thomson muses on the common use of the term 'radical' and the religious element in ISIS jihadism and endorses the archbishop of Canterbury's plea for patient ideological effort to overcome extremism. Thomson, Scott Essay Jan 1, 2015 1725
Netanyahu: The Fire of Radical Islam is Lapping at Our Borders. Dec 26, 2014 362
Horrific attack could change how Pakistan will respond to militancy. Santana, Rebecca Dec 19, 2014 824
The Iranian revolution. Majerol, Veronica Dec 8, 2014 2640
Islamism provokes rare British hysteria. Dec 2, 2014 1056
Islam, Islamism, and collective action in Central Asia. Shaykhutdinov, Renat; Achilov, Dilshod Dec 1, 2014 9589
Enlightenments old and new - faith and reason. Lal, Deepak Dec 1, 2014 6794
Clerics looks for ways to cope with militant challenge--and to blame Americans. Nov 28, 2014 418

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