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Muslim Woman Says She Was Denied Exit Row Seat Because of Hijab. Jun 6, 2021 406
Muslim Woman Says She Was Denied Exit Row Seat Because of Hijab. Jun 6, 2021 406
Sultan canvasses unrestricted usage of the Hijab. Jun 2, 2021 346
Sultan of Sokoto makes case religious freedom, hijab use. Jun 1, 2021 1003
Boris's comments about burkas make Tories seem anti-Muslim, says report; The inquiry found anti-Muslim sentiment was seen at local association and individual levels but claims of "institutional racism" were not borne out. By, Neil Shaw May 25, 2021 926
Hey, everyone: Hands off my body - and my choices. May 20, 2021 776
Young Muslim women protest proposed French ban. Reuters News Service May 4, 2021 434
FIREFIGHTER IN HER HIJAB; Female Muslim crew member in UK first. MARTIN FRICKER Apr 28, 2021 331
Britain's first hijab-wearing firefighter urges other Muslim women to follow her; Uroosa Arshid says she gets some confused looks from members of the public as 'a lot of people do still stereotype firefighters' but she wants to see the fire service become 'so diverse that a stereotype isn't possible'. By, Martin Fricker Apr 27, 2021 522
Needless hijab controversy in Kwara. Mar 29, 2021 1191
We Don't Want Peace Of The Graveyard On Hijab Anymore -Ishola, Chairman, Kwara Muslim Youths. Mar 27, 2021 1222
Hijab controversy turns bloody as Muslim, Christian parents clash. Mar 25, 2021 228
Let us Muslim women wear hijab in peace, we are not complaining. Mar 24, 2021 337
South Africa's intervention sought on moves in Sri Lanka to ban burqa. Mar 19, 2021 404
3 injured As Christians, Muslims clash over Hijab in Kwara. Mar 18, 2021 440
Hijab controversy: Kwara govt reopens 10 affected schools. Mar 17, 2021 323
Religious pandemonium brews in Kwara state as Fulani muslim jihadists threaten to burn down churches over Hijab controversies. Mar 17, 2021 518
Religious pandemonium grips Kwara state as muslims, christians clash over use of hijab In public schools, 3 injured. Mar 17, 2021 438
Sri Lanka in 'no rush' to implement burqa ban. Mohammed Rasooldeen Mar 17, 2021 864
Sri Lanka to ban burqa, shut more than 1,000 Islamic schools. Mar 15, 2021 299
Swiss veil ban. Mar 10, 2021 368
CAN Cautions Kwara Gov On Hijab Approval In Mission Schools. Mar 9, 2021 494
School Closure: Hijab Not Our Dress Code, Christan Group Cautions Kwara Govt. Mar 9, 2021 519
Rising Islamophobia. Mohsin Saleem Ullah Mar 9, 2021 598
Kwara Govt Okays Use Of Hijab In Public Schools. Feb 26, 2021 452
Hijab Controversy: Kwara Is Muslim State, Says MURIC. Feb 23, 2021 419
Kwara Govt Meets Religious Leaders Over Hijab In Schools. Feb 19, 2021 369
Kwara Muslim Stakeholders Want Govt To Implement Hijab Judgement. Feb 17, 2021 414
After 1 year, Muslim women reflect on wearing the niqab amid masked world. Feb 7, 2021 1509
Indonesia bans mandatory 'hijab' for schoolgirls. Feb 5, 2021 401
Protect Hijab-Wearing Women From Harassment, Discrimination, Muslim Groups Urge Buhari, Govs, Others. Feb 5, 2021 755
Why Hijab Is Important In Islam. Feb 5, 2021 854
World Hijab Day: Muslim Women Coalition Advocates Review Of Dress Code For Professionals. Feb 1, 2021 676
Wear 'hijab' and feel empowered under the veil, solon tells non-Muslim women. Feb 1, 2021 488
The looming gas crisis. Jan 20, 2021 325
Swiss gov't urges voters to reject burqa ban in March referendum. Reuters News Service Jan 19, 2021 375
NIN Registration: Muslims Accuse RCCG Of Rights Violation. Jan 15, 2021 961
Lady solon pushes plenary discussion of Nat'l Hijab Day measure. Jan 7, 2021 506
NYC Police Will Accommodate Hijab-Wearing Women. Dec 1, 2020 185
French secularism explained. Nov 11, 2020 508
Dress code debacle: IPH director served legal notice over contempt of court. Nov 1, 2020 367
IPH director now sorry for Islamic dress code mandate. Oct 29, 2020 313
Covid-19: Muslim women with 'purdah' or niqab not exempt from wearing face masks, says Dr Noor Hisham. Oct 22, 2020 438
Tafep probes incident at Singapore Tangs dept store where promoter was told to remove hijab. Aug 19, 2020 1027
Four Years After Court Reserved Verdict On Hijab Ban, Muslim Girls Still Being Persecuted - HRAI. Jul 24, 2020 824
We are all niqabis now. May 17, 2020 1165
Stylish Hijab fashion to rock this Ramadan. May 16, 2020 212
Hijab and Handgun: Israel's First Muslim Female Detective Breaks the Mold. Mar 30, 2020 606
Fashion designer Yasmine Khattab is raising the "old is gold" slogan in her designs. Daily News Egypt Mar 16, 2020 1216
Hijab: FOMWAN, MSSN, CAN Women Collaborate On Interfaith Harmony. Feb 21, 2020 556
Hijab Day marks. Feb 14, 2020 188
Youm-e-Hijab marked. Feb 14, 2020 157
Social media users envy Malaysian man's hijab-wearing skills as he flawlessly tries 17 different styles (VIDEO). Feb 12, 2020 477
'Discrimination Against Muslim Women In Hijab Must Stop'. Feb 7, 2020 542
Scene City / Bridging international friendship through the Hijab. Feb 6, 2020 364
On World Hijab Day, CHR insists wearing hijab not a sign of oppression, terrorism. Feb 5, 2020 598
Police regain control of crime village in Lamu. Feb 2, 2020 574
Al-Mu'minaat, Other Muslim Organisations Demand Equal Rights For Hijabis In Nigeria. Jan 31, 2020 1568
World Hijab Day: Discrimination Against Women In Hijab Unconstitutional, Antithetical a Group. Jan 29, 2020 533
10 Muslim Organisations Unite For World Hijab Day 2020. Jan 24, 2020 412
Mam's the most Irish person ever and dad played footie in Muslim dress it took a while to find out who I was; Telly star says hard-working Nancy inspires him; THE BIG SUNDAY INTERVIEW:BAZ ASHMAWY ON HIS UPBRINGING. SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Jan 12, 2020 1279
Chador. Badihian, Mahnaz Poem Dec 22, 2019 278
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor dons hijab for London performance. Arab News Dec 17, 2019 240
Lamu chief, his assistant hacked to death. Dec 11, 2019 247
Barnet Conservatives chair made to stand down after claims she told Muslim mum outside Asda her hijab was 'offensive'; Fiona Bulmer narrowly missed out on being Barnet Council leader in 2010 but served on the cabinet for five years. Qasim Peracha Dec 8, 2019 893
'Ghoonghat Hatao' campaign must be launched: Ashok Gehlot. ANI Dec 5, 2019 316
SHUKR's New Abaya Collection Promises to be a Favourite with Women Worldwide. Nov 23, 2019 358
Question Time: 'How can I have faith in Boris Johnson when he compares me to a letterbox'; The woman, who was wearing a burqa, slammed the Prime Minister for comparing the Islamic garment to a letterbox. Liberal Democrat MP Chuka Umunna said Boris Johnson had 'form' on prejudice during the BBC programme. By, Matthew Dresch Nov 22, 2019 438
Hijab in France.. An issue of social, political discourse. Nov 20, 2019 496
SHUKR Hijabs Remain a Wardrobe Favorite for Muslim Women. Nov 16, 2019 382
France failing to integrate its Muslim immigrants. Randa Takieddine Nov 5, 2019 913
SHUKR Abayas Transition from Summer Essential to Fall Must-Have. Nov 2, 2019 379
Question Time: 'My mum is scared to wear burqa after Boris Johnson's letterbox jibe'; The woman said her mum no longer wears the Islamic garment and claimed her sister was attacked for donning a hijab. By, Matthew Dresch Nov 1, 2019 412
'Hijab is not an excuse for not working out'. Saman Haziq Oct 31, 2019 323
Macron: Hijab in Public Spaces is 'None of My Business'. Oct 28, 2019 400
Muslim Student Athlete Disqualified from Race in US for Wearing Hijab. Oct 26, 2019 474
Jailed Angelina Jolie 'lookalike' paraded on TV to show 'madness of social media'; Instagram star Sahar Tabar, from Tehran in Iran, was arrested earlier this month on charges including blasphemy, instigating violence and insulting the Islamic hijab dress code. By, Tiffany Lo Oct 26, 2019 441
School Trip Hijab Clash Sparks New Secularism Row In France. AFP News Oct 15, 2019 677
Wearing tudung a must for Muslim women, but going without is fine too, survey shows. Oct 15, 2019 528
Our View: School hijab fracas defeats concept of freedom of choice. CM: Our View Sep 22, 2019 773
India: College issues notice banning burqas, skullcaps after students protest. Sep 18, 2019 539
Elam tables bill seeking ban on Muslim headgear in public spaces. Sep 17, 2019 671
UP college bans entry of Muslim students wearing burqa. Sep 14, 2019 118
Sinead O'Connor apologises for 'white people' jibe after converting to Islam; Singer Sinead O'Connor has backtracked over her previous remarks, claiming she was reacting to Islamophobia. Sep 9, 2019 488
Sinead O'Connor steps out with son, donning traditional hijab after conversion to Islam; The Irish singer appeared last night on The Late Late Show in Dublin in a red abaya and matching hijab after she was spotted with her look alike teenage son. Sep 7, 2019 347
Johnson calls Corbyn 'a great big girl's blouse' in fiery first PMQs. Sep 5, 2019 527
Super Witty Starbucks Barrista Can't Help Naming 'Aziz' as 'ISIS'. Sep 2, 2019 505
Anti-Muslim attacks in UK jumped 375% after PM Johnson's burqa remarks, group says. Sep 2, 2019 514
Garda probe race hate attack on Muslim girl, 14; Yobs rip hijab from teen's head in 'dreadful' assault. Aug 21, 2019 407
Gang of youths 'pelt Muslim girl, 14, with eggs and rip hijab from her head'; The youths allegedly pelted the girl with eggs and ripped her hijab off after hurling racist abuse at a shopkeeper in Dublin, Ireland. Aug 21, 2019 485
Banana Republic is selling hijabs. Muslim shoppers wonder: Inclusion or appropriation? Aug 2, 2019 652
Duale warns schools against banning hijab. Jul 24, 2019 366
'I feel naked without it,' Muslim women talk the Hijab. Jul 5, 2019 773
British-Pakistani actor Zoha Rahman essays first hijab-wearing character in the Marvel Universe. Jul 2, 2019 384
A self-professed Catholic, Mariel Rodriguez defends wearing hijab during Eid al-Fitr. Jun 6, 2019 465
Women Across World Wear Hijab to Fight Islamophobia. Jun 2, 2019 592
Halima's burkini statement. Brief article Jun 1, 2019 311
Niqab- When Religion Becomes a Matter of Dress. May 28, 2019 2274
Midlands GP investigated after asking Muslim mum 'to remove niqab'; Dr Keith Wolverson reportedly asked the mother to remove the veil covering her face because he was struggling to hear. May 25, 2019 563
Doctor who asked Muslim mum to remove niqab says he will quit over racism claim; Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, says he asked the woman to remove the veil over her face as he had difficulty hearing her explain what was wrong with her sick child. May 19, 2019 762
In Sri Lanka, hijab-clad teachers hounded from Christian school are redeployed. May 8, 2019 502
Kerala's Muslim Education Society bans burqas in its colleges. May 2, 2019 315
Kerala Muslim educational group bans burqa, other face covering attire on campus from new session. May 2, 2019 222
In first, Sports Illustrated will feature burkini-clad model. Apr 30, 2019 196
Sri Lanka bans face coverings, including Islamic veil. Apr 29, 2019 1024
Face coverings banned in Sri Lanka after Easter bloodshed. Apr 29, 2019 122
Malaysian religious chiefs probe new book on shedding hijab. Apr 19, 2019 625
Political Islam... Theme of Indonesian presidential race. Apr 15, 2019 352
KUNA main news for Monday, April 15, 2019. Apr 15, 2019 124
Indian Embassy assures passport guidelines are hijab-friendly. Apr 14, 2019 410
Breaking down barriers -- meet the UAE's first female boxers. Mar 29, 2019 648
From New Zealand, with compassion. Mar 28, 2019 1531
Islamic group attacks govt over position on hijab. Mar 28, 2019 405
Quebec to ban public workers from wearing religious symbols. Mar 28, 2019 445
Representing Islam: Experiences of women wearing hijab in New Zealand. Ash, Eileen; Tuffin, Keith; Kahu, Ella Mar 1, 2019 7883
Swedish town's Hijabi welcome sign vandalised amid threats. Feb 28, 2019 239
French retailer Decathlon cancels plan to sell sports hijab. Feb 27, 2019 413
State Commissioners Authority says niqab ban violates personal freedom. Feb 20, 2019 371
Burqa-clad man held for entering ladies toilet in Goa. Feb 17, 2019 147
Hijab ruling should not derail unity pursuit. Feb 14, 2019 576
'Hijab Prisoners in Algeria' Young Girls Protest Being Forced to Wear Hijab. Feb 11, 2019 386
Freedom to choose: Top Indian music composer A R Rahman defends daughter's niqab. Feb 8, 2019 276
Most New Homes Completed in Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas. Feb 8, 2019 246
MUGWE: Rastafarians, hijabs and the paradox of tolerance. Feb 2, 2019 1041
World Hijab Day: Activists, Lamu women want ruling on Muslim veil reviewed. Feb 2, 2019 299
Hijab Imbroglio In Nigeria: A Clarion Call. Feb 1, 2019 1250
We Won't Back Down On Our Right To Wear Hijab -Al-Mu'minaat. Feb 1, 2019 964
World Hijab Day Organisation Asks Non-Muslim Women To Experience Hijab For One Day. Feb 1, 2019 309
Outrage at Supreme Court over 'hijab' ruling misguided venting. Jan 31, 2019 767
Photos: Bollywood actress wears burqa to watch her movie secretly in theatre. Dec 13, 2018 211
'Hijab troopers' go nationwide. Dec 13, 2018 332
Hijab crisis: Muslim parents drag UI, ISI, others to court. Dec 3, 2018 657
Bill declaring national hijab day inches toward final approval. Dec 1, 2018 276
Pious Fashion--How Muslim Women Dress. Pomianek, Christina Book review Dec 1, 2018 1462
New Enriched Transport Map for Citizens and Tourists in Burgas. Nov 30, 2018 392
The Bulgarian Government Allocates Another BGN 19 Million for "Arena Burgas". Nov 29, 2018 509
Hala Fakher SHOCKS Viewers by Taking off Hijab in TV appearance. Nov 28, 2018 227
Hijab crisis: International School Ibadan reopens. Nov 26, 2018 832
South Africa rugby team hotel evacuated after ticking clock found in player's laundry sparks bomb scare; The discovery of a burka - understood to belong to a player - aroused further suspicion. Nov 25, 2018 333
Hijab war rages as Lagos waits on Supreme Court. Nov 24, 2018 3537
Hijab crisis: UI International School shut indefinitely. Nov 19, 2018 849
Five Murang'a KCSE candidates arrested for hiding phones in hijabs. Nov 19, 2018 288
Muslim Congresswoman Wants Hijabs in Capitol. Nov 19, 2018 166
MURIC, NACOMYO hail Lagos govt's approval of hijab in public schools. Nov 16, 2018 478
Freedom of choice. Nov 15, 2018 207
International School Ibadan shut down over hijab controversy. Nov 15, 2018 349
Is the Palestinian Authority Enforcing Israel's Occupation of the West Bank? A Conversation with Nadia Hijab. Interview Nov 15, 2018 655
Niqab-wearing student barred from entering Lahore school. Nov 14, 2018 238
Egyptian MP withdraws draft law on niqab ban after angry response. Nov 9, 2018 453
Niqab Ban: impartial demand for national security or discriminatory act? Nov 8, 2018 1356
Discourse on banning Niqab reappeared on scene over counter-terrorism rhetoric. Nov 6, 2018 1306
Israeli anti-hijab advertisement raises ire. Nov 2, 2018 267
Israeli anti-hijab advertisement draws ire. Nov 2, 2018 267
The Muslim undertakers of East London. Nov 2, 2018 1076
Is this Iran? Advert of Israeli Actress Removing Niqab and Dancing Gets Slammed. Nov 1, 2018 265
The Mercedes Representative for Bulgaria Opens a Dealer Center in Burgas. Oct 30, 2018 208
Woman Stops Traffic & Takes Off Hijab in Middle of Busy Tehran Square. Oct 30, 2018 258
Peculiar Shuttlecock Burqa Still Resists to Exist in Pashtun, Saraiki Communities By Irum Saba. Oct 29, 2018 768
Peculiar Shuttlecock Burqa Still Resists to Exist in Pashtun, Saraiki Communities By Irum Sab. Oct 29, 2018 768
Peculiar Shuttlecock Burqa Still Resists to Exist in Pashtun, Saraiki Communities. Oct 29, 2018 673
Iranian Morality Police Almost Drive into Female Protestor. Oct 28, 2018 363
France's niqab ban violates human rights, UN panel rules. Oct 26, 2018 750
Busting The French Hypocrisy. Oct 25, 2018 369
France's ban on full-body Islamic veil 'violates human rights'. Oct 23, 2018 511
Creative Chaos CEO asked to step down after discrimination against hijab-wearing employee. Oct 21, 2018 307
Young female recruit asked to resign or stop wearing a hijab to work. Oct 20, 2018 395
Algeria Bans Niqabs in Workplace. Oct 19, 2018 162
Software company tells female employee to remove hijab or resign. Oct 19, 2018 442
Scholar backs M&S over hijabs. Oct 18, 2018 180
Newborn baby died after 999 crew's blunder Scholar backs M&S over hijabs; Medics used wrong technique in delivery. Oct 18, 2018 834
Scholar defends M&S over hijabs for girls of four. Oct 18, 2018 401
Campus Week: Judith Butler's Veil. Manea, Elham Oct 17, 2018 141
4th Edition of Autumn Flower Bazaar Opens Today at Flora Exhibition Centre in Burgas. Oct 11, 2018 134
Acibadem Healthcare Group is Looking for Buyer of its Assets in Bulgaria. Oct 10, 2018 355
Quebec's highest court rules in favor of wearing hijab. Oct 4, 2018 120
Situation Getting Back to Normal after Torrential Rains in Burgas. Oct 2, 2018 106
Woman confesses to killing daughter, say police. Sep 30, 2018 417
Why were there so many protests in Newcastle today? Crowds rally about the EU, Mike Ashley and burqas; Anyone in Newcastle on Saturday may have noticed a number of different events, campaigning about everything from Brexit to NUFC. Sep 29, 2018 724
Hijab rights provisions amended. Sep 27, 2018 410
Hijab support group nabs Facebook award. Arab News Sep 26, 2018 466
Video: Man dressed in burqa robs bank in broad daylight with toy gun. Sep 25, 2018 272
Women wearing 'niqab' in Switzerland face new obstacles. Sep 24, 2018 493
Video: Man dressed in burqa robs bank in broad daylight. Sep 24, 2018 169
Niqab Wearing Jordanian Robs Bank in Kuwait With Toy Pistol (Video). Sep 24, 2018 308
Swiss canton becomes second to ban burqas in public. Sep 23, 2018 280
Second Swiss region votes in favour of 'burqa ban'. Sep 23, 2018 336
Manal Rostom: Nike's 'hijab survivor'. Sep 19, 2018 739
Five women in burqas BRAWL at side of busy road as one repeatedly drops toddler while she's battered; Footage shows the women throwing punches up against a barrier as stunned drivers slow down but continue to pass by. Sep 13, 2018 331
Boinett: Terror suspects should not wear face veils in court. Sep 11, 2018 539
Market trader 'hero' MINUTE BRIEFING. Sep 10, 2018 169
A hijab-wearing Muslim bodybuilder breaks stereotypes in India. Sep 9, 2018 733
A hijab-wearing Muslim bodybuilder breaks stereotypes in Kerala. Sep 9, 2018 732
'Islam doesn't oppress women - the politics of patriarchy does' Dr Ayla Gol, visiting senior fellow at Aberystwyth University, argues that overcoming Islamophobia is necessary to truly empower Muslim women. Sep 7, 2018 881
Burqa and Johnson. Sep 7, 2018 175
British-Pakistani becomes first hijab wearing model to enter Miss England finals. Sep 6, 2018 221
British-Pakistani becomes first hijab wearing model to enter Miss England finals. Sep 6, 2018 210
British-Pakistani becomes first hijab wearing model to enter Miss England finals. Sep 5, 2018 207
Haq lauds efforts for promotion of Hijab. Sep 5, 2018 292
Is Hanan Al Turk Taking Her Hijab Off? After Sama Al Masri Reveals All, What Does Hala Shiha Have to Do With It? Sep 5, 2018 268
British-Pakistani becomes first hijab wearing model to enter Miss England finals. Sep 5, 2018 199
Burka is a step too far for modern Britain; LETTERS&NOSTALGIA. Sep 2, 2018 165
Cover star Sara's hijab first. Sep 2, 2018 103
Diana's designer burka. Aug 31, 2018 205
Diana's designer burka. Aug 31, 2018 177
Playing the race card in the burka debate; LETTERS&NOSTALGIA. Aug 26, 2018 223
IP rep pushes for hijab rights. Aug 26, 2018 280
I would ban the burka; Letters & Emails. Aug 24, 2018 114
We have a right to express an opinion. Aug 24, 2018 219
Bikers can't cover up so burkas in question. Aug 22, 2018 262
Hypocrisy when it comes to burkas. Aug 21, 2018 126
Hijab in sports? No problem, says Malaysian sepak takraw player. Aug 21, 2018 234
...I think it's time to [...]; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @birminghammail Facebook: Post: Birmingham Mail, 60 Church Street, Birmingham B3 2DJ. Letter to the editor Aug 20, 2018 114
Bans on full-face Muslim veils are spreading across Europe. Aug 19, 2018 774
Racists are flocking to Boris Johnson's Facebook page after his burqa remarks; The posts include calls to ban Islam and deport Muslims and "vile" attacks on London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Mikey Smith Aug 19, 2018 391
Johnson's views on burka 'damaged Tories in by-election'. Aug 18, 2018 293
Burqa row has gone on far too long. Aug 18, 2018 188
Hypocrisy over burkas. Aug 16, 2018 172
Veiled motives in debate over burka. Aug 16, 2018 248
Boris facing charity axe in burka row. Aug 16, 2018 120
A Complex for the Production of Railway Parts for BGN 240 Million will be Made in Burgas. Aug 16, 2018 234
The Right Way to Oppose the Burqa. Mendoza, Claudia Aug 16, 2018 146
Attacks on burkas are pushing Muslims to reassert their identity; Muslim women and men are choosing to wear Islamic clothing in the face of rising religious hatred, argues Dr Nilufar Ahmed of Swansea University. Aug 15, 2018 830
No end in sight to Boris burka row; YOUR VOICE. Aug 15, 2018 580
Ukip leader Gareth Bennett storms out of interview halfway through when challenged on immigration; Mr Bennett recently said burqas are a part of "alien culture" and that areas such as Canton, in Cardiff, feel like "Saudi Arabia". Aug 15, 2018 2596
Burka attacks 'racist and 'irresponsible'. Aug 14, 2018 479
Burka reaction is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut; The Burka Row has engulfed the UK's political scene to such an extent that it poses a grim threat to the Conservative Party, writes Chris Moncrieff. Aug 14, 2018 856
Carwyn hits out at 'racist' burka attacks; burka attacks 'dangerously irresponsible' - Carwyn. Aug 14, 2018 882
BORIS 'SPARKS RISE IN BURKA HATE CRIMES' 21 women suffer abuse in a week; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 14, 2018 253
Boris 'sparks rise in burka hate crimes'. Aug 14, 2018 175
BORIS 'SPARKS RISE IN BURKA HATE CRIMES' 21 women suffer abuse in a week; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 14, 2018 220
Johnson and Bennett are 'attacking Muslim women' for own gain; FIRST MINISTER SAYS'RACIST'BURKA COMMENTS EXPOSEWOMENTO'BEINGABUSEDINSTREET'. Aug 14, 2018 512
Johnson and Bennett are 'attacking muslim women' for own gain. Aug 14, 2018 516
Burgas Governor: No Threat to Environment or Beach Visitors after Fuel Oil Leak from Sunken Ship near Sozopol. Aug 14, 2018 122
Liquid Leaks from 100-year Old American Sunken Ship near Sozopol. Aug 13, 2018 105
Boris Johnson tries to dodge burqa scandal grilling by producing tray of tea; The former Foreign Secretary has still yet to address the issue which has left him facing a party investigation. Aug 13, 2018 666
Steve Bannon weighs in on UK burqa debate, Boris Johnson. Aug 13, 2018 548
UK Muslim Council Warns May Against 'Whitewashing' Johnson's Burqa Remarks. Aug 13, 2018 475
Don't ignore 'real' issues; Debate continues around burka issue. Aug 13, 2018 595
'It's part of my faith... and part of my identity'. Aug 13, 2018 731
Voters backing Boris over burka 'letterbox' storm, poll finds. Aug 13, 2018 439
Boris burka row could topple PM; PARTY AT WAR OVER RESPONSE; Disciplinary action set to spark a revolt. Aug 13, 2018 405
Ambassador dropped for comparing burkas to Ku Klux Klan hoods; broadcaster christine hamilton was linked to cancer charity. Aug 13, 2018 313
Boris burka row could topple PM; Cabinet ministers slam Mrs May's 'cack-handed' handling of remarks. Aug 13, 2018 569
It's time lying Boris is stopped for good. Aug 13, 2018 391
Boris burka row could topple PM; Cabinet ministers slam Mrs May's 'cack-handed' handling of remarks. Aug 13, 2018 580
Boris burka row could topple PM; Cabinet ministers slam Mrs May's 'cack-handed' handling of remarks. Aug 13, 2018 553
Biker rant over burka. Aug 12, 2018 108
Alt-right notes, Boris; Timing of burka stinkbomb was a Wise move. Aug 12, 2018 447
'my face veil is part of my faith and part of my identity'. Aug 12, 2018 1223
Boris hides behind a veil of free speech. Aug 12, 2018 616
Boris hides behind a veil of free speech; SAIRA KHAN Our award-winning columnist @iamsairakhan. Aug 12, 2018 575
Splits deepen over British minister Johnson's burqa comments. Aug 12, 2018 448
Boris Johnson praised by hard-right Trump backer Steve Bannon as he's accused of 'courting fascism'; Senior Tories warn Boris Johnson is "being turned into a martyr by the alt-Right". Aug 12, 2018 575
Christine Hamilton axed as charity ambassador after she compares 'sinister' burqas to KKK HOODS; Muscular Dystrophy UK severed all ties with the self-described "bonkers" UKIPper after she caused outrage with the comparison. Aug 12, 2018 469
Wales and the burqa: Why women wear them, how many do and what it is like; Women in Wales who wear the head covering say it is part of their faith and part of their identity. Aug 12, 2018 1382
Johnson may be sent for diversity training over burqa comments. Aug 12, 2018 744
Christine Hamilton compares 'sinister' burqas to Ku Klux Klan and is axed as charity ambassador; The outspoken wife of Ukip AM Neil Hamilton has defended her comments. Aug 12, 2018 297
Theresa May's team in crisis talks as PM fears being toppled over Boris Johnson burqa row; The Prime Minister's approach has been slammed as "cack-handed" by Cabinet minister furious at her failure to deal with it. Aug 12, 2018 1089
Kevin Maguire: Burka berk Boris Johnson's bullying masks daily uncovering of Brexit lies; Kevin Maguire stalks the corridors of power to bring the latest news from inside Parliament. Aug 12, 2018 1079
British Bus Driver Asked Muslim Mother To Remove Niqab. Aug 12, 2018 665
Muslims in UK Fear Attack After Boris Johnson Remarks. Aug 11, 2018 374
Boris Johnson returns from holiday to burka row as dad Stanley says son was 'spot on' and 'should've gone further'; The former I'm a Celebrity star believed his son was exercising his "freedom of speech" and said there are circumstances where a ban would be "in order". Aug 11, 2018 867
Boris Johnson burka comments hide behind veil of free speech to win support of racists and Islamophobes; Burkas are worn by just 0.01 per cent of UK Muslims and 0.001 per cent of the public, was this really a fight the MP for Uxbridge needed to pick? Aug 11, 2018 677
Boris Johnson's new puppeteer Steve Bannon is pulling cynical strings to turn Britain towards far right; Following Boris's burka row, Bannon has now found his new "warrior" in the former Foreign Secretary. Aug 11, 2018 1153
MINUTE BRIEFING. Aug 10, 2018 358
5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Aug 10, 2018 362
Boris Johnson faces investigation over burka comments. Aug 10, 2018 817
Another day.. another Tory buffoon caught spreading racist bile and stoking up prejudice.. PARTY OF HATE; councillor apologises for jibe at islamic dress Conservative deputy provost blasted for sharing inflammatory Facebook post. Aug 10, 2018 447
Johnson faces burka grilling. Aug 10, 2018 126
'Sickening' niqab jibe sparks letter to Boris. Aug 10, 2018 1522
Investigation into Boris burka slurs. Aug 10, 2018 136
Boris has shown his true colours; YOUR VOICE. Aug 10, 2018 509
Tory councillor compares Muslim women to PATIO UMBRELLAS in Facebook post mocking Islamic clothing; Ron McKail has been dragged into the Boris Johnson burqa row and has apologised for sharing the image on social media. Aug 10, 2018 517
Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson backs Boris Johnson's 'almost perfect' burqa 'joke' as Tory civil war erupts; He faces a police complaint, a Tory discipline probe and a Conservative Party civil war. But at least Boris Johnson has got backing from Rowan Atkinson. Aug 10, 2018 469
Boris Johnson burqa investigation explained: What secretive Conservative Party discipline probe is about and how it'll work; The MP faces a secretive discipline probe after he compared burqa-wearing women to "letterboxes". Here's how it happened and how it will work. Aug 10, 2018 861
MSSN, NACOMYO kick over ban on hijab in Lagos schools. Aug 10, 2018 407
Britain in a frenzy over Boris Johnson's burqa comments. Aug 10, 2018 560
Boris stands firm over burka jibes. Aug 9, 2018 440
Sky's Burley criticised over Weston burka comparison. Aug 9, 2018 475
Boris stands firm over burka jibes. Aug 9, 2018 436
Johnson faces mounting calls for burka apology. Aug 9, 2018 433
Burley storm over Weston comparison. Aug 9, 2018 314
Calls mount for Boris to apologise in burka storm. Aug 9, 2018 703
Boris stands firm over burka jibes. Aug 9, 2018 440
RUTH: SAY SORRY FOR BURKA SLUR; Scots Tory leader blasts Johnson over veil jibe. Aug 9, 2018 333
Boris stands firm over burka jibes. Aug 9, 2018 438
Boris stands firm over burka jibes. Aug 9, 2018 440
Tories turn on Boris the pariah. Aug 9, 2018 207
Remarks will cause division and prejudice. Aug 9, 2018 241
Why it's okay to criticise the berk; BORIS THE PARIAH: TORIES TURN ON HIM; 15 colleagues demand apology amid fears of 'race war' over Muslim jibes. Aug 9, 2018 1044
Tories 'sitting on DOZENS of complaints' about Boris Johnson's burqa bashing; No action has yet been taken 72 hours after the MP's comments in a newspaper column - despite condemnation from a string of top Tories. Column Aug 9, 2018 614
Row intensifies over Boris Johnson's comments on face veils. Aug 9, 2018 1017
UK's ex-foreign minister will be probed by party for burqa comments. Aug 9, 2018 217
Armeena Khan calls out former foreign secretary on burka comment. Aug 9, 2018 377
Conflicted Much? 12 Years Later, Hala Shiha Takes Hijab off and Goes Back to Acting. Aug 9, 2018 229
Boris Johnson to face Tory inquiry over burqa remarks. Aug 9, 2018 892
Branded as bank robbers, burqa-wearing Britons fear attack. Aug 9, 2018 618

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