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Islamic Summit Conference Denounces Aggressions against the Kingdom's Missions in Tehran, Mashhad 27.

176. The Conference encouraged all Member States to make further efforts to effectively implement of the Action Plan contained in Res. 16/18 of the Human Rights Council without double standards and to provide equal protection to all targeted groups and individuals under relevant anti-discrimination provisions dealing with incitement to hatred and discrimination in different countries. 177. The Conference expressed its renewed determination to tackle and address, through joint Islamic action, the recent upsurge in xenophobic attacks, violent extremism, inequality, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance and the factors giving rise to their resurgence. In this regard, the Conference supports efforts to galvanize the international community towards re-engaging with the ongoing discourse on the negative historic legacies of trans-Atlantic slave trade slavery, colonialism and looting of cultural heritage and artifacts and the related issues of restitution, reparations and atonement for these wrongs, including the need for an agreement on strategies for achieving them. 178. The Conference further mandated the OIC, its relevant Organs and its Groups in New York and Geneva to support the convening an international conference to comprehensively discuss the issue of the slave trade, slavery, colonialism, restitution and reparations. Such a conference shall also discuss measures and strategies to address the lasting negative impact of these historic wrongs. Thus, the Conference called upon other stakeholders including other member states of the United Nations, the Caribbean Community, the African Diaspora and relevant CSOs to advance this agenda from where it was left at the Durban Conference of 2001 and its follow-up review meetings. 179. The Conference strongly condemned the crimes committed against tangible and intangible cultural heritage in all its forms in Syria, Iraq, Mali, Libya, and in other Member States, and invited ISESCO and IRCICA, in coordination with Member States and all relevant partners at different levels, to strengthen the cooperation with competent institutions in order to monitor the situation of cultural, civilizational and religious heritages in the Muslim World, and take part in countering acts of destruction and vandalism against such heritage, as well as jointly organize an international seminar on "Islamic Action to Protect Cultural Heritage" at the earliest convenience. 180. The Conference welcomed the efforts and initiatives of the State of Qatar in support of the UNESCO, the World Heritage Committee and the UNESCO's programme for the protection of cultural and natural heritage in emergency situations. It also welcomed the State of Qatar's nomination of Dr. Hamad Ben Abdulaziz Al-Kouari to the position of UNESCO Director General. 181. The Conference applauded the Egyptian role in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in particular with respect to agreeing on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the UNESCO Strategy for the Protection of Cultural heritage. In this respect, the Conference welcomed decision of the Arab Republic of Egypt to present a candidate for the position of Director-General of UNESCO. 182. The Conference welcomed Lebanon's nomination of Ms. Vera Khoury to assume the post of Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). --More 20:51 LOCAL TIME 17:51 GMT

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Publication:Saudi Press Agency (SPA)
Article Type:Conference news
Date:Apr 15, 2016
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