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Islami: let us not become hostages of so-called bodies.

The call for organizing a religious ritual from the so-called coordinative body for construction of the Burmali mosque is contrary to the interest for building this religious complex, says Abaz Islami, spokesman of the Islamic Religious Community (IVZ). According to Islami, the call for performing open religious ritual (namaz) can only be instructed by IVZ's authorized persons.

"We appeal to all Muslims not to be hostages of so-called bodies that only want to satisfy their personal interests without considering the fact that they might prevent the construction of the Burmali mosque in this way," said Abazi. He expressed hope that the imams will punish this deed because the manifestation has not been approved by IVZ.
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Title Annotation:Fakti (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:May 13, 2010
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