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Islamabad police follows accountability system.

ISLAMABAD, June 29, 2010 (Balochistan Times): A vigorous system of rewards and punishment is followed in all cases of promotion or demotion in the polices department of the federally administrative area. Clarifying a news item published in a section of press, the spokesman of Islamabad police said that an efficient and hardworking officer discharging official duties honestly and satisfactorily is appreciated and acknowledged through commendation certificates, cash prizes and gallantry awards in such a system while inefficient or dishonest officer is punished for failing to discharge duty honestly and in accordance with law. About the point of frequent transfers and suspensions of junior police officers as punishment and announcements of cash prizes as rewards by the police bosses raised in this news item, he said that Police is a disciplined force whose primary responsibility is the security of citizens and maintenance of public order-responsibilities which cannot be compromised. Therefore, in the process of fulfilling these primary responsibilities, Islamabad Police has to take to task an officer whose performance is not satisfactory or who has committed any misconduct through measures like transfer and punishment. However, an efficient officer is allowed and encouraged to work on an assignment for a reasonable period of time. There are many SHOs in the Islamabad Police who are working on same assignment for considerable time, to their best abilities and satisfaction of their seniors. Moreover, a particular emphasis is being placed on selecting right person for the right job and officers are appointed on merit. The new item also criticized the process of punishment and reward in Islamabad Police. In this regard, the spokesman clarified that Chapters 15-16 of the Punjab Police Rules which the ICT Police has adopted deal with reward and punishment. For a disciplined force concerned with the security and facilitation of citizens, a vigorous system of rewards and punishments is indispensable. This is in this spirit that in 2010, only the IGP Islamabad has awarded police officers of different ranks with 344 commendation certificates and cash prizes of Rs. 1012800. Similarly, in 2010, 744 police officers of different ranks have been punished on various charges including misconduct, corruption and inefficiency. This ongoing process of reward and punishment has certainly helped a long way in improving efficiency of the department. In addition, unprecedented measures have been under taken during last one year for the welfare of junior officials of Islamabad Police, in addition to the comprehensive package approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the welfare of families of martyrs of Police departments. Islamabad Police is facilitating its employees with initiatives like financial assistance, pick and drop facility wherever possible, mobile mess for providing officials with meals and water when they are deployed for operational duties for longer hours, provision of uniforms, provision of electric water coolers and filters for offices, Police stations and barracks, barber shops, sports facilities.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 29, 2010
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